Do I Need to Go "+"?!

Dear Mods & Admins: Will we here need to subscribe to T-Nation+, to continue on this forum?

Apparently, as long as we stay in our little Dr. D Clubhouse here, we’re ok. But as soon as I want to soak in some wisdom from the Thib, I gotta pay?

Also apparently, I’m talking to myself here…


I’m not sure how I missed this thread, but my apologies!

Rest assured, you won’t need to subscribe to T Nation+ to access this forum or any of the other regular forums. My understanding is that Christian Thibaudeau, and our other Elite Coaches, will still be active here on the forums, as well.

The difference is T Nation+ is where we share our premium, most advanced content, provocative discussions, live streams, and webinars. It is for our super fans that want to support T Nation and have deeper access to the T Nation crew.

In addition to the above mentioned T Nation+ content, T Nation+ subscribers also receive an exclusive 26% discount in the T Nation Biotest store. This is the biggest discount available, and you can use it whenever you want, no Biotest product subscriptions required.

If you spend more than $30 per month on Biotest supplements, the savings from the 26% discount will put enough money back in your pocket to pay for your monthly T Nation+ subscription.

You can learn more about T Nation+ and sign up at the following link: COMMUNITY - T NATION

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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They are obviously trying a different business model, focusing on a smaller audience, but one that is more engaged, and therefore willing to pay for the subscription. Others have gone that route, apparently with some success. (Drew Baye comes to mind). I wish them good luck with the experiment.


But i can’t even access free Thib articles that were previously available free, such as the Best Dam programs.