Do fat burners burn muscle too???

do those fat burners such as “hydroxycut” and “Xenadrine” burn muscle?? or do they only burn the fat without affecting the muscles?? becus i want to start using them but i do not want to lose any muscle as a result. so, do they burn fat only, or fat and a little bit of muscle as well?? and which one is the best??
any side affects?

first of all, why the fawk wouldn’t you just use MD6 and or T2. Second of all, no, they will not “burn muscle”, if you go too far under maintanance calories you will “burn muscle”. the fat burners may up your metabolism which would also account for the burning of some calories so you need to take that into consideration when figuring out cutting calories.

Actually, I think there is a study out there that proves that the ECA stack will reduce testorone levels.

mike - i never heard of the study you mentioned, but i can say that after a long time on thermogenics i was left with no sexual desire at all and had been essentially neutered. so i think there is some truth to it. once i got off of them i bounced back, but it took a few weeks. all is just peachy now. kevo