I’ve been lacking in the discipline department for some time. How the hell can I increase my focus? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Anger and contempt always worked for me. Details here: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

have you always had problems with focus? or is this something new due to complacency and lack of desire? to me discipline just kind of happens when you have desire and motivation. when you want something bad enough and are motivated to see it through discipline just kind of happens. when you get complacent and lose the desire you once had you will lack discipline because your heart is not in it. to increase your discipline you must first have the necessary desire and motivation not the other way around, so try and find ways to get the fire inside burning again. i fight complacency from time to time and have to go through a self-initiated mental rally of sorts to get myself back on track. and once i have a few positive days under my belt i can keep it going for quite a while because i feel a sense of pride for being sucessful. it’s like when you save money…if you don’t have any money in savings it’s hard to justify to start saving, but once you finally get going you feel proud of it, want to preserve it and have the desire to add to it. at least this is how it works for me. good luck bro. kevo

your will force or Intention is a thing … like a muscle that must be exercised

As Chris said,anger and contempt is one of my methods to stay disciplined…Ppl have made fun of me in the past about my physique and I wanna say “U were sayin…”

HA! How ironic. Power Drive. Period. It, some force within the drink, overtakes me and makes me mad, mad to live, mad to talk, it makes passions out of banalities. MMMM, it tastes SOOO good. Can you believe it? It has only 15 calories and it’s one of the best drinks that I’ve ever had. It has such a citrus tang to it. OH GOd.RIght now.

Anger, contempt, revenge, all work for me. I always got made fun of for being weak and scrawny, people, mostly girls, made stupid little comments like “such a muscle man!” with harsh sarcasm. HAHA, now what bitches? Use your anger. I even feel worthless and unmotivated if I haven’t lifted in over 3 days which really affects other aspects of my life. So I HAVE to lift.