Different phases of workout at the same time?

I noticed that in most of ian’s workouts when you are a certain phase of the program it is like that for all body parts. for instance phase 4 is usually the maximal strength phase for the whole body where you do less exercises, more weight, more conventional exercises, etc… Can you split up your workout though so while you are in a maximal phase for chest you are in another phase where you are doing more reps, less weight, etc. for back, shoulders, or legs or is there a reason ian does it like that?

I think TC wrote an article about this called the Oscillating Wave Program or some such thing…do a search. I have had thoughts along these lines, like doing 1x6 for legs, 10x10 for arms, 5x5 for back, etc. but I never tried it.

Ian generally recommends doing opposing phases to reduce the overall volume during the week (i.e. Even phase of upper body with odd phase lower body). I find it works pretty well. Like the oscillating wave program, but over 3 week phases, rather than a single day.