Diet and MAG-10

After reading the MAG-10 FAQ in issue #179, I’m starting to plan my diet already. The article said to increase cals of course and it was suggested you forget about fat intake and eat mostly protein and carbs with at least 2 grams of protein per pound of bw. Bill Roberts has also said to eat protein and carbs every meal and that Massive Eating isn’t ideal for someone who’s “on”.

So, how is everyone planning their diets? Let’s exchange some ideas here. I’m going to using a lot of “bodybuilder chile” (recipe in new paper T-Mag) to get in that extra 1000 cals. I’m also going to keep taking my fish oil caps though I’m not going to worry about getting extra fat in solid meals. I foresee lots of oatmeal and Advanced Protein, chicken breasts, cottage cheese, tuna, etc. And I guess it’s time to start a food log so I don’t screw anything up. What about you guys?

I’m doing about the same thing. Bumping cals up by a 1000 and getting around 400g of protein a day while on.

Where did Bill Roberts say this? Perhaps John Berardi can chime in a bit here, but it doesn’t seem like you HAVE to have P+F in any meal in Massive Eating, if you were so inclined… as long as you don’t have much fat in your P+C meals. It would seem this is an abundance of carbs to me, and I’ll probably keep my macronutrient profile about the same as it is now on Mag-10 or not (on my workout days, pretty close to 30-40-30, on my rest-days, I keep the total calories the same, but I exchange some carbs for fat to get me closer to 20-40-40). I lose the carbs in not drinking a surge type drink.

The metabolic rate typically speeds up when on a cycle and the partitioning effect is greater. So what this means is not only do you need to eat more calories to maintain bodyweight but that any excess calories are more likely to be burned off or converted into muscle. This is why guys on the juice can get by eating a lot more junk then a natural trainee. For someone needing to increase calories by an extra 1000/day to make the gains they desire it’s usually easier and more satisfying to get these calories as additional carbs…not that P+F meals wouldn’t work in this regard as well but it would most likely take even more calories than 1000 if the additional calories were all p+f.

I’ve been hearing some people saying, “If you eat that much you’d gain anyway without the supplement!” Yeah, fat! For me anabolics have always made the food “go where it’s supposed to”. I’d get fat eating like that without “helpers”. So my plan looks a lot like the ones above. I’m going to try Bill’s ideas about more protein and carb meals. He did say to still use your fish oils though.

Ok,but say you are following the recommended 2 weeks on 2 off,with tribex, how much food do you need on the off weeks?

What exactly are we adding 1000 calories to? Is it my RMR, or just what I’m eating now. Since I’m on Massive Eating, by definition I’m already above maintenance by close to 1000 calories per day on my off days (3x/week). Are we saying 1000 calories above on my workout days, and 2000 calories on the off days, or adjust the diet on the off days instead?

Stevo-0 they probably mean 1000 calories over maintenence.

i think i will be adding a gallon of skim milk + some cheap whey protein to my diet each day. couldn’t see how one could go wrong there since it has lots of protein and carbs. i will also probably make 2 adv protein + peanut butter + flax oil shakes before i go to bed instead of 1 and put the extra in the fridge so when i wake up in the middle of the night to go to bathroom i can down some more calories. not sure if i should be adding carbs to these shakes or not since bill said every meal should have carbs. would that still apply to bedtime meals?