Diet and Cardio for German Volume Program

Just a quick question on diet and cardio to do along with a German Volume Program. I am currently 190 lbs bodyfat % is around 11 or 12% (not very lean but I’m working on that) anyway I am starting a German Volume Training program on Monday in hopes of adding on some muscle mass. I currently get about 200 grams of protein a day in my diet and was wondering what kind of a diet would be best suited to this program to add mass without ballooning up fatwise. Also should I ditch the cardio for the next 6 weeks or so on this program or is there a cardio program that would be complimentary to it. Thanks in advance

Well seeing as how you are asking what type of cardio to to with GVT, I guess it’s safe to assume you haven’t started GVT yet. Just giving you a hard time…Try the leg workout and then see if you feel like doing cardio the next morning. If you’re dead-set on doing cardio, then I would probably use JB’s recommendations along with his Massive Eating protocols for your diet. Good luck, and take plenty of ephedra and Power Drive on leg day!