Diagnosed with Primary Hypogonadism

Hi my name is Fabian, it’s my first message in the forum. First I want to congratulate you for the page because there is not much information about testosterone

therapy and endocrinologists do not know much about this topic, I believe that a sports doctor with knowledge of anabolics knows more, I’ll be brief, although being my

first message I’m going to detail everything so they know me a little more and I can start to be part of this great community. I am 36 years old and I am from

I am a person who is diagnosed with a primary hypogonadism since my axis works seems fine but mishormonas fsh and lh are always elevated. To what is this, … well

according to my endocrinologist as I have a secretory azoospermia and my testicles can not do the process of spermatogenesis mishormonas always fsh and lh are always

elevated since not producing sperm my axis is constantly sending the signal to that the gnrh makes more fsh and lh in this way they are always elevated.

I read a lot of information about testosterone therapy and it is very good that it is not a game, many people want to start therapy thinking only of the benefits

without knowing that everything is not perfect and maintaining a hormonal balance and at the same time not having side effects and that Testosterone does not aromatize

is complicated.

I can not talk to my endocrinologist because she just tells me that if levels are within the normal range

that’s why I feel that in this forum I can share opinions with people who really have a low t problem

I want you to advise me I want to be part of this group and be able to help more than choose to do a therapy or I do not read a lot about testosterone and I understand

quite the basics but not everything and I want to continue learning and to advise me to do at this stage of my life.

I am currently 36 years old, and my testosterone levels are as follows, I am going to mention two studies that I did of testosterone since several times I checked it.

When I consulted my endocrinologist, my hormonal levels were the following …

total testosterone 4.30 ng / ml reference 2.41 to 8.27 ng / ml
bioavailable testosterone 148.80 ng / ml reference 120 to 480 ng / ml
fsh 40.70 mui /ml 1.4 to 18.1
lh 12.30 mui /ml reference 1.5 to 9.3

the second analysis I did was the following

fsh 42 mui/ml
lh 16.7 mui/ml
estradiol 38,9 reference less 39,8
prolactin 13,4 reference 2,41 to 8,27 ng/ml
total testosterone 5,78

with those two analyzes I went to my endocrinologist doctor, she told me that she had a primary hypogonadism
I want to make it clear that at that time 6 or 7 months ago I was in a couple and went to see the doctor, because my sexual desire was strange, I’ll be the clearest, I

had sex and had sex every other day almost every day but what I could never do and that I always worry about is that I could never have sex twice in the same night, as

if my refractory period was extremely long.
she told me that she had hypogonadism and an azoospermia, that’s why my high fsh, gave me a shot of nebido and repeat the studies to see how everything was going.

since that day my way of change …
I first experienced a sexual explosion and my muscles were marked a lot, as well as two weeks very excited and well after I started to decay and what before seemed

strange to me, I could not have more than once sex and directly my libido under more, I had episodes Erectile diffusion sometimes, that never happened to me always

responded well once, I just wanted to increase my sexual desire and I also had a depression I felt horrible to which I went to the doctor and sent me to do studies

again and gave these values

Total testosterone 4.08 ng / ml
free testosterone 330 pmol reference 204 to 637
fsh 17
lh 4
I told her that I had bad days and some episode of erectile diffusion and that at the moment I was not as active as before the injection, she told me that it was

psychological and that now it was fine and that my axis had been reset and now it would be better , that he waited a month and repeated the studies …
my last analysis I throw the following

fsh 25
lh 8
total testosterone 3.42
free testosterone 425

I took them to my partner and she told me that it was completely normal that I have to wait and that my total testosterone will continue to rise, I do not understand

why I got sick then, if the intention was to lower the hormone fsh it was obvious that it would happen as my axis responded to the fact that I had more testosterone

than I produced so low and now it is rising again …

I want to apologize if I wrote a lot but I needed to give all the details, that last analysis was 3 weeks ago and although I am feeling better, I feel inside that I do

not feel so well and that before the injection was better, I want them to help me to clarify my doubts because maybe not being able to have more than one sexual act at

night is normal and my refractory loss is already higher, and is something completely normal …

I ask this because I know that testosterone therapy is for life, and beyond the values ​​of testosterone the important thing is the symptoms, and I always felt happy and

well could have sex safely and I did not worry about that, just that I knew that more than once I could not at night …

I have comments about people who are in therapy and recommend the option of testosterone therapy as the last option because it is for life, and that one must present

serious symptoms, you believe that I can not have sex more than once in the night. of my testosterone levels?

because when I had 5.72 of testosterone and I had not taken anything, it never stayed the same, I always had sex once in the night, or with refractory periods spaced

If I give myself testosterone therapy, how much would I have to take my testosterone levels so that I can perform more sexually?

I understand that testosterone therapy is about taking the levels to a safe normal range in the person, and many of the people in therapy have testosterone in 5/6

They are many questions I know, but asking an endocrinologist they tell me that I’m fine and nothing else,

I feel I can talk to people with more knowledge on the subject …

I hope you give me advice and I have to repeat the testosterone tests in a month so I will follow this thread to help me advise and obviously in everything I can

contribute based on my knowledge I will

Nebido isn’t ideal, your levels peak and start falling long before your next injection. Moving injections closer together is the only course of action. See if you can get ethanate, cypionate or even sustanon.

**__Thank you for the answer that all testosterone therapy carries risks because you have to maintain a balance and balance with supplementation.

that’s why my question. because before that injection of nebido that my doctor gave me inside everything lived well beyond that could have a long refractory period naturally my total testosterone levels were from 5.7 to 4. 5 approximately.

why I consult if I would have to choose to do a testosterone therapy, I would like to know if having a testosterone level like the one I have now at 3.42 can be affecting my libido?
because there are days that I have excellent erections and another that when the night comes my erections do not respond … can be the cause of my hormonal imbalance as a result of that injection of testosterone that the doctor gave me?
The injection was given to me on March 16 and if nebido is slow release and only lasts 3 months. today that is already 26 de gosto would have to have my axis better?

Can 3.42 to 5.7 influence in producing these symptoms of impotence?

I just want to be well before that injection at least I lived more secure I had low levels but I never suffered episodes of impotence.

I would like to know how long it would take my axis to settle more or less to what I had before that even though they were not high values ​​I could live well and happy.
I currently feel a lot of depression

the fact that my fsh hormones are rising as before and the lh is also a symptom that the gnrh is sending pulses to accommodate my axis to how it was before?

How long could it take to accommodate?
could my hcg or clomid give me a doctor to speed up the process of my axis?

You still missing some labs which would help determine dosing, SHBG is a crucial test and effects your bioavailable testosterone, if high it would dictate injection frequency and dosing. I’ve heard no mention of estrogen management or testing, if estrogen is low or high it can lower libido and kill erections.

Endocrinologist usually have zero training in TRT related matters, they usually are trained in thyroid and diabetes. The truth is there aren’t many doctors that know how to diagnose let along properly design an effective TRT protocol.

Do to Nebido very slow acting esters it will take months to start feeling normal again, you won’t find anyone here on Nebido. Your doctor needs to be targeting high normal testosterone. The best advice I can give you is to locate a private specialist that know how to do TRT properly.

I went through three endocrinologists and all were clueless, going private was the best decision I made.

in my last analysis I published do not post estradiol because I consider it normal within the range here I return to put the full analysis

I applied nebido on March 16 and on May 9 the doctor asked me for free total testosterone fsh and lh where the values were as follows

fsh 17
lh 4
plasma testosterone 4.08
free testosterone 330

with those studies she wanted to give me a new habit but she told me that first she was going to repeat the studies once again because they are done twice she told me

and gave these values now I put it full

fsh 25 ui / ml
lh 8 ui / ml
prolactin 18ng / ml
estradiol 34 pg / ml
thyrotropin tsh 2.98 uui / ml
Free testosterone 425 pmol / l

Is shgb bioavailable testosterone? because if it is that I think it is calculated together with the free one because in the analysis below it says
calculation method based on the law of mass action from total chemoluminescence testosterone and shchb electrochemiluminescence

If I also think that my doctor does not understand the topic well, is there someone in the forum who is from Argentina? Can I receive a professional or is currently in therapy and is under treatment with a doctor in Argentina? I do not know who to go

Your forgetting to include labs ranges, it’s difficult enough that every country has a different unit of measurements.

Free testosterone is the bioavailable potion of the hormone your body responds.

sorry for my mistake is that there are too many things I have to publish my head go to mily I feel pretty bad with all this I apologize and here I leave you again with the reference values

I applied nebido on March 16 and on May 9 the doctor asked me for free total testosterone fsh and lh where the values were as follows

fsh 17ui/ml reference 1 to 15 ui/ml
lh 4 ui/ml reference 1 to 35
total testosterone 4,08 ng/ml reference 2,40 to 8.30 ng/ml
free testosterone 330 pmol/l reference 204 to 637 pmol/l

with those studies she wanted to give me a new habit but she told me that first she was going to repeat the studies once again because they are done twice she told me

and gave these values now I put it full

fsh 25 ui / ml reference 1 to 15 ui/ml
lh 8 ui / ml reference 1 to 35 ui/ml
prolactin 18ng / ml reference 0 to 15 ng/ml
estradiol 34 pg / ml reference 20 to 90 pg/ml
total testosterone 3,42 ng/ml reference 2,40 to 8,30 ng/ml
thyrotropin tsh 2.98 uui / ml reference 0,35 to 4,94 uui/ml
Free testosterone 425 pmol / l reference 204 to 637 pmol/l

I have a question

Before Nebido had a total testosterone of 4.5 5.7 in the analysis, the doctor gave me a nap because I said I had fatigue but had no erection problems, it worked well.

after nebido something changed in me and I have this theory

before I had a high fsh and lh because ls gnrh was sending overstimulation to my fsh and lh but this on the one hand was not better? since although it had those two elevated hormones, they were signal that my axis was sending many pulsations to manufacture more testosterone and sperm and for that reason I felt better?

fsh 42 mui / ml reference 1.4 to 18.1
lh 16.7 mui / ml reference 1 to 35

and now my hormones fsh and lh came down …
the first study gave

fsh 17ui / ml reference 1 to 15 ui / ml
lh 4 ui / ml reference 1 to 35

and in the second almost two months later it keeps going up

fsh 25 ui / ml reference 1 to 15 ui / ml
lh 8 ui / ml reference 1 to 35 ui / ml

this can not be a signal, that my axis is sending the signal so that gnrh sends more pulses to the fsh and lh and it is recovering little by little and when I reach the high values ​​I feel better inside everything?

A high FSH level may mean the testicles are not functioning correctly, similar to high LH when primary hypogonadism is diagnosed, in the high LH scenario testicles aren’t responding properly. In short your pituitary gland is increasing FSH to increase sperm production.

A testosterone level of 4.5 5.7 ng/ml means little without Free T and SHBG, higher SHBG men need more total testosterone to get enough free testosterone. Your doctor should target high normal free testosterone. A 570 total testosterone is that of a healthy 50-60 year old man, not a 36 year old.

thank you very much for the explanation, little by little I understand better, since the doctors do not explain all this well.

Clearly my levels of testosterone are low as that of a healthy adult man, so when I tell him the main symptom for which they consult, they tell me it is completely normal, evidently having low testosterone levels influences having a longer refractory period is not true ? since that is what I feel most long refractory periods of a day sometimes

with respect to the injection of nebido clearly is difficult to control because it is of slow release and the studies would never reflect so exact the levels no? causing a peak at the beginning and then valleys …
the doctor offered me therapy with nebido or gel, I read that the testosterone gel is more exact since it contributes that a healthy man has to produce per day) 5mg to 7mg) can be? Testosterone elgel contributes 5mg or two doses 10mg is it correct?

with the gel could better control blood testosterone levels through analytics?

How often would it have to be applied nebido but to maintain a normal and stable blood level?

I hope you can guide me