Supplements popularity come and go and currently many people are saying good things about DHEA. The 1st time I used it I did 10 mg caps. by a brand name company (Biochem). I felt nothing, noticed no changes at all.

I ran through that bottle and didn’t re-up. Yet, I kept reading about DHEA benefits (I am 42 y/o). Improved mood, sleep, darkening of grey hair, and more. I went to Vitamin Shoppe (a discount store) and bought their brand, 50 mg. per cap. The 1st day I used it I felt nothing but the following morning all my joints ached and I didn’t want to get out of bed. I dragged ass the rest of the day. I stopped taking the pills. Yet, I kept reading more on the benefits of DHEA from diverse sources. I
took another cap, but this time I opened it and dumped 1/2 out ~ 25 mgs. That was three days ago. The next morning, my joints and some muscles are aching, and my libido
is low. Three days later my joints are still aching along with some of my muscles (Hams).

Has anyone had any experience with DHEA and if they have, what has it been? Do anyone think it is the brand? Any insight appreciated.

DHEA is old news. It was marketed as a testosterone pre-cursor of some sort about 7 years ago. I wouldn’t waste any more money on it if I were you. I haven’t heard of anyone who has had success of any sort from it. Not sure where you are reading or hearing about it now, but I would suggest that wherever you “heard” about it you might ignore those sources of information. All the info you need is right on this site.

I am reading about positive effects of DHEA from some very recent issues of health mags for the over 50 crowd. I know that it isn’t going to building big muscle, yet, these sources keep saying you lose 10% a years or something and it gets me thinking - maybe this is like a “Youth Hormone”

Thanks for your help

It’s hard to tell what caused your symptoms. On one hand you used DHEA before with no adverse side effects. On the other hand it is hard to imagine what could be in the “DHEA” cap that would cause that kind of reaction. My guess would be that the DHEA and your symptoms are unrelated.
But DHEA is crap and you shouldn’t be taking it anyway. If you are concerned that low testosterone levels are causing you to lose muscle then you should get your levels checked out. If your levels are low then you may be able to get testosterone shots from your doc (opt for these over the patch).
If you don’t want to go this route then you could always try tribex, M, or a decent prohormone at low levels.

Be careful what you read and who you rely on when collecting information these days. There are numerous supplement companies with hidden agendas these days. DHEA may have some benefit for your age group, but I would take that info with a grain of salt. You may want to have bloodwork done to determine bloodlevels of testosterone and/or growth hormone. I’m currently working with a 53y.o. man who is on hormone replacement therapy under his doctor’s care and he reports that he’s never felt better. He reports increased libido, better sleep, better mood, improved strength and energy, better appetite, decreased bodyfat, improved skin elasticity, as well as other benefits. He has his levels checked monthly and dosages of the drugs adjusted as needed.