Deadlift Specialization

I resumed deadlifting after a long layoff 4 weeks ago (yes, shame on me) by doing 10x3 of straight deadlifts. Tomorrow I am scheduled do this workout with 385 (started at 315). The Waterbury Method calculation for 10x3 thus says that if 385 is 80% of my 1RM, then I am qualified to test for 480. As if. I doubt I could get 455.

This is not very good for my bodyweight of 205-210. Moreover, I don’t expect many more weeks of progress on such a simple workout. So I need a deadlift specialization routine. My only proviso is that I would prefer to keep elements of EDT in unrelated muscle groups (i.e. chest, biceps, triceps, delts). Otherwise, screw everything, I want to pull 500 ASAP and 600 some time after that.

Any of you PL’ers I’m sure know your stuff. Also, I’m hoping the title attracts the attention of Mr. Eric Cressey.

CT just posted a good program for deadlifting, under most recent articles.

or do a search

Don’t do so many reps - at least initially. If you’re coming back from a long layoff, the best thing you can do is take some time to regroove the appropriate motor patterns with singles at a variety of percentages of 1RM. Give yourself a day for speed (45-70% 1RM) and another day for more heavy work on deads or their variations (e.g. snatch grip, deficit pulls, reverse band deadlifts, rack pulls, etc.).