Dani's Rebel Log

We need to train our significant others to be able to do it for free. :wink:

Exactly! spouses should get massage therapy training specifically for that purpose. :thinking:


Been trying this every three months and tying it in with a rest week that involves a lot of stretching, works serious wonders. Got a massage therapist I have got to know that whales on me for an hour and half and fixed most of my problems (muscle problems).


That’s what I want!

Your plants look better than my plant.

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Feed me Seymour!

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Any guy who hasn’t done this already is missing out.


That’s assuming you have a significant other that actually likes them. Unless is head or feet mine isn’t interested. When we go on holiday if we get a spa package she always gives her massage to me.

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I should see if my husband would be willing to get one of these and work through it with me. Now that our west coast swing dance class is over.

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We need those.

WHAT?! Tell me more!!

Feet massages sound amazing. So maybe she can learn to do the forearm/trap/neck stuff on you, and you can do the feet and head massages on her. Win win!


I resisted it for a while, since I don’t like being touched and I didn’t see the point. But when I realized how it exponentially increased hanky panky, I went all in.



Prediction: The Ninja Creami is going to wreck the ice cream industry.

“Healthier” ice cream options are probably going to be the hardest hit because once all the health conscious people, who are used to meal prep and macro counting, get their hands on a Ninja Creami, they won’t bother buying pre-made (often pre-melted and refrozen) garbage.

It used to be a tradition of mine to get a pint of Halo Top when Chris was out of town (something to look forward to at night), but that habit is officially dead. Just about everything Chris has made with the Creami is better. Texture-wise, flavor-wise, AND nutritionally, it blows Halo Top out of the water.

So I got curious. Here’s the nutrition info for Halo Top’s Chocolate Mocha Chip ice cream.

Halo Top always had to be a rare treat because if you accidentally ate too much, it’d give you a case of the bubble guts. I’m guessing it has to do with the soluble corn fiber and sugar alcohols…?

Not to mention, the protein content in Halo Top: this one has a measly 18 grams per pint, while Metabolic Drive ice cream is in the mid 50s per pint. And when it comes to carbs, Metabolic Drive ice cream has about half the carbs.

Here’s a closer look:

Maybe Chris needs to do a side by side nutrition comparison of vanillas.

Regardless, we’ve been eating ice cream like maniacs for the past couple weeks – sometimes even in the morning, so that we can clean out one of the special pint containers and use it for a new recipe. We’re having it daily and nobody’s getting fat.

To have this much control over the ingredients, the macros, the flavors, and the freshness, we will probably never buy ice cream again.

Favorite flavors so far:

  • Coffee
  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • PB2 + Walnut
  • Double Chocolate

Check out the others he’s been making: The Ninja CREAMi Thread


Taking a week off from lifting made a huge difference as far as restoring energy, strength, and motivation. (Forearm is still a little tricky though.)

Today’s Workout

Main Lifts: leg press, incline DB bench

Pump Work: Arnold press, rear delt flye

Other Stuff

I got a couple outdoor volleyball matches in, wallpapered a closet-turned-walking-desk-office (pics to come), went on a hike, and kept relatively active despite not being in the gym or the range.

June in the Shugart house is Hike Month. There’s a very serious once-a-week minimum that we commit to and soon we’ll be doing it a couple times a week. The dogs require a weekly hike but we’re not bringing them during our group hikes.

Yep, group hikes.

Hike Month is such a big deal that we’re leading a group from church on a series of sunset hikes. So far 41 signed up and many of them are bringing a spouse or a handful of kiddos. We know some won’t make it every time, but even cutting that in half, if you’re out on a trail and 20 people are coming your way, that’s kind of a large group.

Fanny packs recommended. Mainly for fashion, not function.


Thank you for increasing fanny pack visibility :pray::relieved:. Dedicated (yes I wear it at the gym) user over here, though I place equal weight on fashion and function.

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I might have to join you with this.

You’re right. They are functional, but since some people still aren’t on board with the appearance, I have to flaunt it as a fashion statement. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Today’s Workout

When the gym is so packed that everything you planned to do is taken, you sometimes just end up repeating exercises you’ve already done that week.

Main lifts:
Leg Press
Hip Thrust

Pump Work:
Arnold Press
Machine Lateral Raise

Not sure when I’ll test serum ferritin again, but it’s definitely on the rise! I suspect when it’s low, leg strength gets hit the hardest.

For years I’ve just relied on slow eccentrics, pauses, high reps, and supersets to create fatigue because my strength was just not there AT ALL. With the leg press in particular, I could barely get above a 45 on each side.

So, today I leg pressed 230 for sets of 5 and felt fantastic. That’s by no means impressive, but it’s progress.

A mini-tour of the most unrelatable office ever

The walking jungle closet is finally done. I couldn’t uninstall the desk because of the screws Jack used (square holes, none of my Allen wrenches would fit), so I basically had to cut and reassemble the wallpaper around it. And it ended up being a total mess. It felt like a life size Mod Podge project.

This office has become a dry fire, fake hair, red light therapy, art, plant, voiceover, work room. And the floor is a great place for an impromptu ab session where you can also get covered in dog fur. (Win-win.)

The mic, the red light panel, and the creepy fake heads: what more could you possibly want in an office? Oh that’s right. Targets, a dog, and more fake hair.

Rest assured, the remainder of our house is pretty normal/boring.


This is fricking awesome, reading this made my day. Well done.

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