D-bol and T3

I would like to try a d-bol only cycle with t3. The cycle would last for 6 weeks, d-bol at 40mg/day for 4 weeks and and then 30mg for one week and 20mg for the last week, a total of 6 weeks. The T3 I would run weeks 3-6 tappering from 25mcg up to 75-100mcg and down to 12.5mcg.
The goals are to gain some lbm while reducing some bf, or atleast stay at the same bf%.
What do U think? Have anyone tested something like this? Do U have any suggestions on dosage?

Well I’ll tell you from my experience with T3 you aren’t going to be able to eat enough to gain weight. It gives you big time appetite suppression. I’d only take that stuff when I’m dieting. Try to focus on one goal at a time. If you want to get big then get big, if you watn to lose fat then concentrate on that.