Any cyclists on here? What do you do to get ready for the season?

What kind of cycling? I race BMX and MTB. Can’t help you if you’re a roadie but let me know if you ride dirt and we can talk shop.

That’s a pretty general questions. Some more specifics might elicit a response.

Road and MTB. Purely recreational. I enjoy MTB and my wife is a big road cyclist. Last year, I blew her away in the mountains but she killed me on the road (hills!!!). We usually ride 3-4 times a week. I want to know what to do about keeping my muscle this summer…and getting my VO2 back up there after the winter.

Any advice?

Right now I only race BMX, but when I was younger I raced junior expert cross-country. To counteract the catabolism of long rides you need to eat. anything that’s going to be over an hour and a half you should eat a powerbar or something you like (I loved dried pineapple)thats a good source of carbs. This will help you avoid losing gobs of muscle during your ride. Post ride I would recomend a 50%carb 50% protein shake. Supplementing will also help. Before a long ride take an E/C/A stack. Yes, this is gonna make you wired, but ephedrine is a good anti-catabolic. Also use 15-20 grams of glutamine daily. The winter is easy, more long cardio. maybe one hour, twice a week. then one day a week a 3 hour session.

Yes, you want to eat on the ride, generally 6 g carb/ kg body weight per hour. If longer than an hour 10 grams protein per hour. Do not take ECA before a ride. Will add 10 bpm or more to heart rate at given workload. If working hard especially in the heat, you will blow up much easier. Post-exercise I would go with 2:1 carb to protein ratio and antioxidants. If transitioning from winter, do at least one month of base with high cadence rides 90rpm + at a low to moderate heart rate. After the first month you can throw in 1 interval session or hard ride per week. Understand that the more high intensity aerobic work you do, the more muscle mass you will lose. If you love to ride though, you live with it and build in the winter.

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