Cycling Diet

Hey everyone, I was just wondering what you think about cycling diets. I’ve been doing the Warrior diet for a couple weeks, and have seen some really good fat loss. However, its seems to be losing its effectiveness. Do you think that eating normally for a couple weeks then going back on the diet would help to jumpstart its effectiveness? I think that keeping my body guessing would work, but I’d like to hear anybody else’s ideas. Thanks.

Thats the only way to go as far as I’m concerened. My body adapts to pretty much everything I throw at it pretty quickly so I have to, or else I would be one fat fucker

I have been on a get ripped diet this whole year and it took me about that long for me to figure it out. Yes cycling the diets is the way to go. Your body gets used to just about anything and after a couple of weeks on restricted calories the body will slow down its metabolism and you will feel softer. I have found the key is that the body will respond to small changes. So a change in 200 calories per day is sufficient. So lets say your restricted your calories to 2,500 per day for a couple of weeks and feel it has stopped working bump it up to 2,700 for a week and see how your body reacts.
Another thing that really helps is cycling 3 low carb days with one high carb meal on every 4th day. The meal should consist of quality carbs not processed carbs.

One last tid bit I started taking large amounts of BCAA’s before and after training because I heard there were some studies saying they may contribute to lowering body fat % and I will tell you I swear by them. BCAA’s will definetly be apart of my supplement regime for now on. Take 5-10 grams before and after training.

Yes, I agree with the below comments. I would add that you should eat above maintnace for a while. I have been on a carb restricted Beverly International diet for awhile. I brought carbs back my diet, oats, yams, cream of rye, fruit, I basically eat 6 to 7 times a day. I make sure to eat whatever I want once a week. Last night was a whole Pizza. In my postworkout shake I upped the carbs right after workout I eat 25g of whey 50 g of ultra fuel, glutamine etc 30min later I eat 25g of casein and a 7 oz yam. Wow I feel great my strength is through the roof I put 20 lbs on my Incline in 2 weeks. My sex drive is unstoppable. I am eating normal for a month, and then I will continue to diet with excelerated progress>because it will be new to my body. I am currently 216lbs 14%bf, not great but I feel good!!!