Cycle help or advice deca vs anavar

Here’s what I would do and repeat every 20 days:
12 weeks: 300mg/wk testosterone and 200mg/wk Deca
8 weeks: between 100 and 200mg/wk testosterone (no Deca)

Repeat until your progress plateaus, then add Anavar. You will have accumulated 8 weeks of deca, every 20 weeks, to later stack with Anavar

Great idea! Have you ran into deca dick? That’s the only thing that worries me. Or is 200mg too low to get it. I understand everyone is different but just in general

I never had a problem.
But you should know that I never took more than 200mg/wk of Deca, and never more than 12 weeks consecutive. My total weekly AAS was rarely over 600mg/wk.

And it seems now days that 200mg/wk is a very mild dose of Deca.