Cy Wilson article

Randy, I think you missed the point of what was said… the scientific data does not support this being an effective sup… I am very familiar with scientific research. It would be ignorant for any educated person not to take the facts into account… does it work… it might, at present it’s method is not proved… and that proof “IS” required by a scientist, period. Does HMB work like roids? The Data doesn’t support it, but some well known in the bb field say it does.
CY and John are only stating their positions based on well designed studies… and professionally they are right to do so!!
Does it work? Anythings possible… these guys are giving their informed opion that it does not… bug roids are not normal … someone taking them is not likely taking them alone… more protein, better diet and addition supps or even a combination of bug roids and posing oil may explain why some have positive experiences.
Man it’s not like anyone here is trying to rip anyone off… just the opposite!