Cy Wilson article

Ok, first question. Have I tried it? No, obviously, I don’t think they
work. Has someone whom I trust in terms of evaluating the efficacy of a
supplement? Yes, I know 6 different people who have tried ecdysteroids and
not 1 one of them reported anything special. Not one of them has bought the
product since. This was after a 6 week trial run, mind you. Now these
aren’t your ordinary jokers either. One placed second at the Rocky Mountain
Classic, three others are MD’s with respectable physiques, and the last two
are football players. I trust their ability to evaluate the efficacy of a
product. So, no I didn’t just read a few studies and assume they are junk.
I don’t think I jumped the gun. Look bud, you’ve heard of a placebo effect
right? Where I could give you some ground up grass clippings or some inert
substance and tell you it was a highly anabolic compound and since you truly
believe it’s anabolic, you may actually make gains. Whether it stems from a
higher exertion, change in diet, etc., (all of which YOU change, not the
compound) they can all affect your gains leading you to become further
convinced that the product in question actually works. But hey, if you
really are making gains, more power to you bud. Keep doing whatever it is
that you are doing. You have your evidence as do I.