Cy Wilson article


Im sorry if I misinterpreted your comment however if you clean up your grammar you wont have problems next time…

Here is the content of your post "I might seem a little simple minded to some to think this way but I would'nt say that something was'nt no good unless I tried it first or know of a truthworthy person that has tried it."...

Now since the grammar was poor I figured I had to try to make sense of say 'i might seem a little simple minded to some to think this way'...since the grammar here is incorrect, I assumed you meant 'it might seem a little simple minded to some to think this way'....and I assumed you meant Cy was simple to think this way. I see now what you meant. But with that and the confusing double negative "wouldnt say that something wasnt no good", the content was in doubt. So again, sorry for the misinterpretation.

Now, with that out of the way, I believe that your last post was a big insult to me. I thought I was being diplomatic and helpful. But then you go insult me with "I can't wait when it comes to fact that ecdysterones do work how Cy and Beradi are going to pull each others feet out of their mouths". Well, I never once said that they dont work. In fact I've remained open minded. I just wish you could do the same.

I continue to post less and less (as does Cy and Brock) because although this should be a place where ideas are shared and not where adults come to carry on like babies, we continually receive insulting messages like the one you just sent! We come here and answer dozens of questions weekly (for free) in our own personal free time. And we certainly don't need your condescention and arrogance after offering our help.