Cutting and Altering

So this bulk I opted for the goal of arm size as well as everything else (dont believe in hindering some bodyparts for others). And I succeeded and got 18" arms natural on my ecto-meso frame. Before I get into details, id like you to know im an ecto-meso. I have relatively tiny joints, I can gain muscle easily. But I also can flatten out and go from stalky to long limbed lean look, if im not careful. Ideally I would look the best with a Lee Priest look at 5’11, that is my ideal look, not his size but arms that slightly overpower everything. (note im not a arm warrior, by back and shoulders are my best parts).

I decided to do Shoulders/Arms. My shoulder press strength seems to be directly correlated with bench press/incline strength. When my Military press increases so does my bench. When my M press stalls so does my bench. Therefore I didnt want to stick shoulders after chest or back for that reason.

Anyway ill cut it short. Im cutting and this workout seems to long. When I cut I feel its better to keep workouts under an hour, for recovery and energy issues. If I seperate shoulders/arms. And do shoulders/tris, and stick biceps on another day. Could I still maintain my arm size just as well. I know if I did this when bulking I wouldnt grow as well (something about bi’s/tri’s together makes my arms grow better), but im only trying to maintain here.

You got to 18 inch arms and are asking a question like this? Damn, experience =/= knowledge I guess.

Could you maintain arm size just as well? Yes, you might actually respond better to both bis/tris on same day but its not like your body still won’t improve if you hit bis on a different day. I’d be surprised if it caused any noticeable difference actually, provided you keep volume/intensity the same.

If you want you could reduce rest times instead of moving bi’s to their own day. Just another option to consider.