Criticize My Routine

[quote]Dorian12345 wrote:
i wrote it bad,my squat is 70lbs bigger than bench[/quote]
Better, but keep going. A rule of thumb is to shoot for benching 200-something, squatting 300-something, and deadlifting 400-something.

So training twice a day, two days a week, and that’s it? That’s an odd plan, to say the least. I don’t think you’d be able to get enough frequency to see great gains for long, but as a shock program for a month or so, it might be something.

If you meant training twice a day, four days a week, that would be even more intense. Joel Marion wrote a program like that:

However, you’re not in a situation to need that kind of “shock program” just yet. The plan you’ve been on is in need of such fundamental improvements that you should see great results from just switching to a better-designed, though basic, routine.

In addition to what JLone posted, any of these templates would be more effective than what you’re doing: