COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

I think it is important we differentiate sudden cardiac death during exercise from death caused by the gradual process of atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries. As far as I know none of the 30 NFL players who died did so while playing in a football game. That table includes well over 100 deaths with most being former players or coaches who died from any number of causes due to age related diseases and most were 65+ years old.

The two articles I included reflect a large number of young athletes who mostly died or collapsed with cardiac arrest during athletic competition. Many were subsequently diagnosed with myocarditis or pericarditis caused by a Covid19 injection, a well documented “side effect” of these shots, especially in younger people. Over the years published research on sudden death in athletes has found hypertrophic cardiomyopathy to be he most common cause with congenital heart defects being another cause and rarely, coronary artery disease. The latter along with hypertensive heart disease and “enlarged heart” appear to be the most common causes of death in bodybuilders.
However as over 180 million Americans have received the CV19 shots, and there are 17,000+ documented deaths caused by them on the VAERS report (which represents only 1 to 10% of the true death rate), it behooves us to consider “vaxxed” bodybuilders who die suddenly and unexpectedly at a young age from December 2020 on as another potential cause of death. These shots are well documented to cause large and small thrombosis throughout the vasculature with strokes, pulmonary embolus and myocardial infarctions a result. I have seen these in my own practice.

In a Canadian medical practice 62% of injected people were found to have elevated D-dimer levels, indicating the majority of people who receive the shot(s) are developing thromboses.

Did Shawn Roden or Kali Muscle or any of the other recent bodybuilder deaths receive the Covid19 shots? We don’t know but this question must be asked in order to determine the true cause of death and not just reflexively blame “steroids.” So yes
this “can of worms” does have to be addressed when it comes to bodybuilders dying.


Moved from the RIP Shawn Rhoden thread to the more appropriate section where the entire topic of vaccine side effects, real or alleged, can be discussed and debated in-depth.

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You can believe what you want, though the VAERS claim regarding deaths and vaccines has been widely debunked…

Quite a bit of your post enforces a narrative consisting of ‘facts’ that are either blatantly untrue or taken out of context to suit your narrative.

The title of this thread is “vaccine side effects”

You want to have a discussion about the vaccines? Sure… But no, this is a discussion about how vaccines are killing athletes… You’ve started off promoting a one sided agenda

If a bulked out, bulldozer of a man suddenly collapses, of course I’m going to reflexively jump to the “steroids” conclusion given the plethora of documentation we have linking steroid use and sudden cardiac death.

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SIR!!! ARE YOU VACCINATED? If you aren’t then you will be subject to a lockdown… Forever!!! Until the end of time, you’ll be put in the “phantom zone” of lockdown!

Jokes… I don’t care who does/doesn’t get vaccinated, though people over here (where I live) are seriously up themselves about it.

Breakdown/translation in the comments.

Have you looked at the website of which the Twitter post you’ve linked refers to?

It’s not a news website… It’s literally page after page of anti vax agendas being pushed.

I don’t care if you are pro, or anti covid vax… But please use actual literature to back up your stance. This is a conversation wherein PEER REVIEWED literature actually is necessary. To come to a valid conclusion over drugs implemented within the medical field, research is critical; otherwise the opinion you hold can and will be justifiably shot down by medical professionals.

What you’ve done is like me saying “9/11 was an inside job” and linking a bunch of conspiracy theories to prove my point.

To note… 9/11 was NOT an inside job, though I know a few people who seem to think it was. How? Why? I happen to think they just don’t like America, therefore they’ll along with any anti-American narratives they can find.

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Weird how this is now a thing.

Noting this from a purely neutral perspective…

I find it ironic that given the tenor of your posts, you have a hidden public profile. Just saying.

(FTR, I was only wondering how long you had been a member of the TN)

Cannabis may be implicated with an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease, but that elevation in risk is relatively marginal.

Alcohol use disorder or tobacco smoking is statistically far, far, far, far, FAR more likely to cause a heart attack or a stroke in a young person. Not sure why you’ve included that piece of reefer madness style fear mongering in here. Cannabis isn’t good for you… But it’s not a hard drug that is capable of dismantling society either.

Not sure why you’ve linked myocarditis risk to “young people have strokes”…? Young people do have strokes and it’s very sad when that happens, this isn’t a new development.

Covid also commonly induces myocarditis. While the mRNA vaccines can rarely induce myocarditis, covid is FAR more likely to cause myocarditis. Most cases of myocarditis, particularly in the young (whether mediated by covid or vaccine) will be extremely mild cases of which may be entirely asymptomatic.

Severe myocarditis is extremely serious and can result in permenant damage to the heart, sudden death etc.

Absolutely but, I have never seen public announcements until now. I have never seen so many articles pertaining to young people have heart issues. Times of India recently had and an article “Now no one is too young for a heart attack”.

If you read up on this thread, it was split away from the RIP Shawn Rhoden thread by our lord and savior @Chris_Colucci

I agree with this, but I think there is a legitimate problem here… We are simply lacking data to be able to prove or disprove this. For something that has been distributed to the majority of the worlds population, there is still a frighteningly low amount of data regarding side-effects. I, along with many others, are concerned that the same institutions that are pushing for everyone to get ‘vaccinated’ are the same ones who have been secretive and borderline deceptive about the negative side effects it can cause.

CRISPR CAS-9 (the same technology used to make the Covid ‘vaccine’) was discovered in 2012, and up until Covid - had only been used to treat color blindness and glaucoma(?), neither of which are particularly concerning in regards to overall health. The reason why it had been so sparsely used is because it can very easily create lifelong damages, most of which will affect the germ line (your kids born after gene alteration). It was widely agreed upon that it was unethical to continue research without some significant safeguards to prevent it from becoming ‘human experimentation’ (nurburgring trials).

Now we have a moderately infectious Coronavirus that disproportionately affects elderly, obese, and sickly people (this sounds much alike a regular cold/flu) with a high rate of survival even in those who would be more severely affected. The media and government have overplayed the severity of this ‘pandemic’ for monetary and political gain and claimed it was all in the name of science. Suddenly, the same people who denounced the vaccine when trump was in office are the same people saying you should have no choice, and have to alter your fucking DNA because we said so. ALL the safeguards that geneticists had agreed to were thrown out the window because they were empowered to use an amazing technology (CRISPR CAS-9) now to modify your DNA against a relatively low-harm virus.

For perspective, geneticists believe they have discovered the “fat gene” and how to correct it with CRISPR CAS-9, but had their hands tied years ago because of these same exact ethical concerns. Almost 700,000 people a year die in the U.S ALONE from heart disease… that is 1 in 4 people.

If these concerns were too severe to attempt fixing the obesity issue, why in the hell is Covid any different? In summary, my point is that we are lacking data that would effectively allow scrutiny over these medical treatments, and many of us are concerned that the ‘peer review world’ is intentionally turning a blind eye to this because it suits a political or personal narrative. Also, many publishing companies will refuse to publish things that dont make money, or conflict with their own interests - so even if there were any peer reviewed studies, its unlikely they would see the light of day.

This is why people have to resort to non-professional reports on youtube, reddit, twitter, etc. The information simply isnt being made available in any reliable way, and if any reliable information exists - i dont believe it is being allowed to be reported in any scholarly way.

I’m not anti-vax, im anti-mandate. People have the right to choose what is best for their own bodies

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I’ll get into it when I have time

but there’s actually a LOT of data available on the side effect profiles of these vaccines

You just need to know where to look

As am I… It’s an iffy one for me

On the one hand, vaccinated people are generally less infectious, vaccines cut hospitalisation rates by around 90% from baseline, and booster shots another 90% from there (hence why Israel can be fully open, nearing winter with only around 300 cases/day).

Less people in hospital = hospitals don’t overflow = Joe coming in with a heart attack can receive treatment.

On the other hand, you’re talking about restricting freedom of choice. You’re also talking about creating two classes of society based upon the precipice of vaccination. I find that premise morally repugnant and thus can’t in good conscience support it even if mandates in theory should be for “the greater good”.

Look at Australia’s covid response… That’s how collectivism pays off… no thanks…

It’s also a slippery slope. It’s one thing to mandate a vaccine to go to school, as has been done for decades… It’s another to mandate vaccination just to leave your home. In Aus the unvaccinated are more/less under permenant house arrest.

If you could tell me “this is the last one… This mandate and that’s it”… MAYBE you could get me on board. But I don’t credit politicians with enough foresight to leave it at this.

Similarly to how the millitary was deployed in the streets of NSW to enforce covid restrictions and special forces were deployed in Vic to enforce restrictions/beat people up who didn’t comply. When people become comfortable with this, you can almost guarantee it’ll happen again… And over something even more trivial. We were doing this over what? 500 cases/day

If that’s all it takes for people to accept the millitary deployment I seriously worry for our future.

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I agree with the sentiment here but I believe there was only one reported story of this in 2021, and it was debunked. If you have proof that it is happening, I’m willing to accept the info.

Any chance you can post a link about this? Not sure what NSW stands for but the story doesn’t ring a bell and I’m normally better informed than this.

As for the 2 class remarks, I believe that has been the goal this whole time. If you paint all dems as college educated and all repubs as anti-science, insurrectionist, conspiracy theorists, then whose side are you on…? The caste system is being implemented and people are buying into it too much. I’m not saying this will turn into the Third Reich, but these are similar social conditioning tactics that were used on the Austrian people in the 30s. They didn’t start off hating Jews, but after enough conditioning they started to.

We’re in a bad place and it’s honestly quite scary.

New South Wales, it’s a state in Australia.

Vic stands for Victoria, another state in Australia.

Australia lost its mind over covid. Banned citizens from leaving or entering the country (stranding citizens overseas for over two years), implemented harsh lockdowns with 5 kilometre radiuses, curfews and you were only allowed to leave home for one of three reasons.

Covid checkpoints, door to door police.checks, drone surveillance, facial recognition technology, bans on protesting (and subsequent arrests/extreme displays of force to dispell any pushback), arresting people over Facebook posts and more.

The penalty for going to New Zeland during the travel bubble era, leaving new Zeland, coming back and quarantining in NZ before coming back to Aus and quarantining again was 5 years prison or 60K fine… We went insane

And this was typically over like 50-100 cases/day. Melbourne broke the record for longest lockdown in the world. Not only that, but the lockdowns were harsher than say 99% of lockdowns implemented within other secular countries.

I’m obviously biased and pissed off, but Aus lost the fucking plot over this and the public loved it. It was scary to watch, a degree of systemic radicalisation that far removed us from the mentalities harboured overseas. Even when borders opened up, the Australian international vaccination certificate isn’t really valid in Europe (of course it isn’t)… And most are too scared to leave

Covid is seen as being akin to the bubonic plague over here. The northern territory is in lockdown (Aussie territory) over like 10 cases/day ATM, and some 75%+ of the population is fully vaccinated…

There’s one video from a protest wherein police pick up an elderly woman and slam her on the ground. After this, they pepper spray her when she tries to get up… The public cheered this on “good, she shouldn’t have been out of the house”


“But we don’t know the context!”

It’s a seventy + y/old woman… did she have a bomb strapped to her hip? No… She had a sign up protesting against Daniel Andrews “short, sharp lockdowns” that were never ending.

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Gotcha. Yeah, I heard about that one… I’m afraid the insanity will continue until covid is gone, which isn’t likely to happen because it mutates. Again, I think the main purpose here is division.

Maybe we can just elect the Rock and Kevin Hart so we can just get swole and be normal again. They’ll probably both be canceled before that ever happens though :roll_eyes:

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America is divided at the moment

The left are skewing further to the left and the right are skewing further to the right.

I think there will be a clash between two factions of both political divisions.

The far left and the moderates will split off and the far right and the moderates will split off. Hopefully at that point we will see an America that isn’t quite so divided.

Nowdays “democrat” and “Republican” are terms interchangeably used as insults depending on the crowd you’re hanging around with

It’s an absolute joke, both sides appear to think they’re “holier than thou”… But they’re not, there is no white knight in politics…

Imagine democrats without wokism, Republicans that are pro fighting climate change etc.

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I miss the days where congress was useless and boring. Nowadays its useless and like a bad Jerry Springer episode. Maybe we could get Jerry to moderate for us.

People on both sides trust their politicians too much. They’re all scummy

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Vaccinated people are not far less infectious. That is almost misinformation. It is 25 % vs 39 % in a household. They barely work.

Vaccines do prevent hospilazitation with about 85 % when fully vaccinated with a double decline after a few months.

Now after how many months they have this decline, I am not sure. My guess is 3-6 months maximum. My guess is after 6 months they do not prevent hospitalization at all. Just like their immunity wanes, their hospitalization rates wanes as well.
Regarding booster shots - Phizer + at only 5.99 per months. What is after the next mutation? A booster shot every month? A booster shot after every meal?

That is not true as well. The right is going left as well. Donald Trump the most fascist president according the the press was the first American president to be a pro gay marriage. I will leave this there.

Please do not spread misinformation about the vaccines. It is dangerous to convince people they are safe with vaccines, when there is a proof they barelly work for a couple of months after vaccination.

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You come across as if you are unbelievably arrogant…

No, this isn’t true. Protection against catching covid wanes quite a bit by 6 months, but even then the risk of hospitalisation is lower.

I will link literature later, numerous peer reviewed studies at that too. At Shabbas dinner, shouldn’t be on phone… Then again, there are no young adults here and it seems as if no one is talking about anything interesting.

Vaccinated people ARE less infectious. An asymptomatic covid positive patient isn’t going to infect as many people relative to someone who is coughing and sputtering in public.