Cortisol Blockers

Has anyone taken Cort-block and with what effects?


No, but I take Phosphytlserene (in cort-block) before a workout. Cort-block doesn’t quite get the Phos. dose right - According to all the studies I’ve seen you need 800mg of Phos. to get a cortisol reducing effect. I use Pinnacle PS Complex and take some oral Gluamine Peptide and this seems to make a difference (with DOMS).

Yes – took it for several months. I might have had some minor gains – but for the expense, it really didn’t seem worth it.

I tried AST’s Phosphatidyl Serine. Expensive shit. But, I think it helped me recover a lot quicker. No after workout soreness. Another thing I thought that was interesting is that AST used to sell it, then it dissapeared from their line, without notice. Recently, Paul Delia Pretty much trashed it, and said it didn’t work.
I liked the effects though. If Biotest sold it, and it was a bit cheaper, I would definetly try it again. I think it would be the ultimate recovery with androsol.

How does phosphatidtylserine differ friom phosphatidylcholine as found in Powerdrive?

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

I took Cort-Block post cycle last year to manage the cortisol backlash (esp. since I couldn’t get any clomid or HCG), along with high dose Methoxy-7 and Tribex in line with Tim’s recommendations for these two latter. I kept most of my gains except for what I imagine was the water. Something worked there. Whether it was the Cort-Block, the Methoxy-7 or both in combination I don’t know though.

i remember a BTS where a guy was “coming off” methoxy7 after using it for a long time and worried about “cortisol backlash”. Tim P. said it was mainly a thing of myth…

Coming off a steroid cycle is different to coming off Methoxy. I meant the former. Which context were Tim’s remarks in? The cortisol backlash after a steroid cycle is supposed to be why you lose your gains if you don’t manage it by getting your natural T back up, or at least so I thought. Whether you have a higher level of cortisol post-cycle or simply the T-C balance is altered because the natural T level is depressed I’m less sure. Either way you’re screwed. BTW, in which edition did Tim mention this please?