Considering MAG-10

I am about 20, considering MAG-10… Good idea? Also, my program was more focused on shedding excess fat, while building muscle…was wondering if this would disrupt my program and should I be looking at other supplements as well? Thanks.

If you don’t know already, shedding excess fat and building muscle are two separate goals that cannot be achieved simultaneously unless you are new to training. If your diet was right, though, you could do so on Mag-10. However, based on your post, you really seem like a newbie. I would get your training, diet, and basic supplementation in line before even considering Mag-10. In other words, LEARN as much as possible. Start by searching the previous issues section of this site.

It depends mostly on how long you’ve been
training seriously and how knowledgeable
you’ve already become about training.

It could be that you’ve been quite serious
about this for quite a few years now, in
which case MAG-10 could be just the ticket.
Or if you feel that you’re still very much
at a novice stage, I’d focus on supplements
of a nutritional nature (e.g. quality
protein powders, Surge, etc.) for muscle
gain, while fat-burners like MD-6, T2, or ephedrine/caffeine products would be appropriate for dieting.

For a novice, using a supplement that
so to speak “does the job for him” is somewhat of a disservice. When correct training and nutrition alone can give you great results, because you still have a lot of room to grow naturally, then this is the better way to go: you learn how to train naturally which can’t
be done if, instead, you find yourself gaining only when using “serious” supplements.