Concealed Carry Clothing

I’m hoping for a discussion around concealed carry clothing options, in tandem with the holster thread.

I know lots of brands have popped up since 5.11 had center stage but haven’t kept up with them.

5.11 clothes feel like something a 60 year old guy climbing off a tractor to go in to town would wear to me.

I’m specifically looking for hot weather clothes, it’s easy to conceal in the winter.

I’ve seen a few brands online, like VERTX, with t-shirt options, which would be ideal. I don’t have anyone nearby who carries their stuff to try on though.

I appendix carry a CZ Omega P01 and have imprint issues without wearing a parachute.

Any recommendations for a brand that does a decent job giving room at the waist without being a burlap sack overall?

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Good topic. Will be watching.

This summer I’m doing mostly the fanny pack or cross-body thing. Same issues as you: I don’t want to walk around with an old-man fishing vest just to conceal, and a belly band, well, makes me look fat.

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I get a lot of ads for this, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Also, I hate joggers. Other stuff looks cool though.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I’m not a jogger fan either. The t-shirts look cool. And the gym short carry options are hilarious :rofl:. I guess I don’t go to a hardcore gym after all.

My non-T-Nation gym is fine. Parking lot is sketchy tho. :wink:

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shirts or holsters? I have an alien gear shape shift holster that I carry a Springfield XDS in . . very comfortable, don’t even notice its there sometimes

Shirts. Maybe an impossible task but I find you either need a moomoo to hang loose enough for full concealment or a pouch or something like Chris. Shirts cut to fit the chest and shoulders and balloon out wind up getting caught on the pistol and either imprinting or fully exposing in my experience.

Just curious if someone has figured out a mix of cut/fit & material that works.

I like alien gear holsters too!

I only carry a knife and am looking for ways to make it more comfortable/carry a fixed blade easier in the summer (Unfortunately, work doesn’t allow me to carry anything other than a folder with < 2.5 inch blade).
Pocket is the easiest, but not most convenient to deploy.

Ever heard of Sneaky Pete holster? They kind of look like little phone / medical etc pouchs. Great for small guns like LCPs or micros.

Ruger - Ruger LCP Holsters - Page 1 - Sneaky Pete Holsters, Inc.

Oh yeah, I remember those. They used to make them look like pagers back in the day. Good redesigns.

Maybe horizontal SOB (small of back, not that other SOB) style? Could work with smaller knives.

I’ll have to give it a try, I have a couple smaller, skeletonized fixed blades this would work with (ESEE Candiru, White River Knuckhead 2).

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Okay, I’m ordering a “ConcealTee.” Not sure about, but we’ll find out.

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Awesome! Let us know!

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