Comparison of Andro products

I’ve noticed ads for two Andro products,Androstederm and Androsol. Both seem to be similar products, with different delivery mechanisms. Has any one had real results from either or both products? I know that Androsol is associated with this site, and Androstederm is associated withanother site. But I’d like some unbiased opinion on the two products.

Well, I’d assume that if a pharamaceutical company would use a similar delivery system for Androgel in order to reach the higest blood levels, that this particular delivery system is better. Androsol is better.

I’m sure someone else can speak to this in more detail, but to my understanding the gel only contains a total of 140 mg of two pro-hormones compared to 12 grams of 4 AD in Androsol. I would think that is a huge factor, not to mention the 4AD in Androsol has a higher conversion than other pro-hormones and there is a lot more of it in the bottle. 2 cents.