Coach Davies: Basketball

I have been incorporating some renagade training into my regimen and have enjoyed the results. My game has improved noticeably. After about a year of playing only sporatically (sp?), I feel I am performing as well as when I was playing 2 or 3 times per week. I am very close to dunking again after a long period of bodybuilding focused training and resulting weight gain. My questions regard sports specific practice. How many times per week do you recommend playing and or practicing? Should these sessions be performed alone, or before/after other types of training? There haven’t been many basketball questions addressed, so I wonder if there are any exercises or forms of GPP that could specifically assist basketball performance. Lastly, are there any T-men on the board that have used renagade training for basketball? If so, what have you done and what are the results? Thanks in advance.

Atlas, before I broke my ankle in a pick-up game I used a basketball specific renegade program from Coach Davies. It is without a doubt the most effective training program I have personally used. My quickness and jumping improved greatly, and my stamina was much better than it had been in a long time. I also gained about 7-8 quality lbs. in the two month phase. After I completely recover from my injury I plan on starting level two of the program. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Great to hear from you - With regards to the sport specific skill work, I try to have my “ballers” perform some court skill work. This should be done daily and be structured by “book-ending” physical training. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks for the prompt replies gentlemen. After gathering your input, I have decided to go on a full renegade training program instead of incorporating it into my strength training as I had done previously. I have primarily been using a lot of the functional strength movements and rope work. Coach, what would I need to do to implement a full bore basketball renegade program? I am 6’1", 225, 9-10% bf, usually play 4 or 5, but can go outside also. My power and stamina are okay, weak areas are quickness and agility. I am psyched to get started so I can rip stuff up when the leagues begin. Hope your ankle heals quickly Gladiator. I have never broken one, but have torn ligaments which was possibly the worst pain I have ever experienced. Thanks again guys.

Probably play or practice 2-4 times per week alone. Do some renegade training in the morning, then practice some b/ball in the afternoon or evenings. I like using side bent raises, squat pulls with DB or medicine ball, one arm snatches with kettlebell, skipping with rope, chinnies, and various ab work from side twists to sit ups etc during my renegade training. Try to include some type of dynamic work (drills) in your warm up prior to b/ball practice to get you into the RHYTHM. Some forms of GPP may include medicine ball throws to your partner with you and your partner’s feet locked in a bent knee position (like a sit up), throwing med ball up in the air, catch and throw back up again (emphasising the timing of the release). In a half squat position, hard throw a b/ball against a wall and catch it on the opposite hand, release and throw. Jog up and down the whole court emphasising the turnaround to enhance agility. I’m still not any closer to dunking a ball although I think my 5ft 11 height may have something to do with that. But I’m a more quicker and explosive player especially off the dribble. Maybe the coach has better ideas.

Gladiator, Atlas, and Coach Davies, I’m 6’2, 180 lbs post player turning into a 3 man. I need to work on my agility and quickness. I’m using Ian King’s jump program. If any of you have a basketball program, please e-mail it to me. Thanks a lot.

Nice to see we’ve got some ballers that are T-men as well. I was wondering what types of things you guys do to improve your footwork and dribbling skills. I’ve got a pretty good jumper, but a lot of times I’m bigger than the guy guarding me. I want to post him up or cross his ass over, a lot of times I get tripped up in my feet or I’m concentrating too much on dribbling to get anywhere. Help please.

In high school I could barely dunk until senior year. We got a new assistant coach who was known for players to improve their quickness and jumping skills. After following the following routine a couple days a week I could do alley-oops and my lateral quickness skyrocketed. Here is the routine, jump rope for one minute, wall sit for one minute, up and down a single bleacher for one minute, a medicicine ball drill where you tap the ball on the wall overhead like a rebounding drill for one minute, and the final drill. This drill was something I had never seen before at the time and am curious to know if anyone has ever heard of it. I am convinced this was the most important part. We would loop a ten-speed inner-tube around our ankles and do defensive slides from one side of the lane to the other for a minute. There was just enough tension on the tube so that when you extended your legs in the shuffle the tube acted as resistance. We would do about three non-stop cycles at the end of practice. All drills were done as fast as possible. It may not sound like much, but our legs and ass were sore top to bottom until we got used to it. The tube drill hit the thigh abductors and adductors like no weightlifting exercise I have ever used. I have used that drill by itself a bunch bunch of times when I neede to get my vertical in shape for a rec league or pick up games.