Clomid or novladex

I’ve read that clomid is actually a better anti-estrogen than novladex. Is this true. Will clomid help me keep more muscle than hcg. thanks, any feed back appreciated.

what’s up bro.

clomid & nolvadex are used for different things. clomid is used to kick-start your nuts… to get your natural test levels back up. nolvadex is used to combat gyno.

i wouldn’t use nolva unless you start to have symptoms of gyno (itching & sensitive nipples… some swelling), because it can reduce the effects of your gear by competing for receptors.
you want to start with a loading dose of 40mgs a day of nolvadex when you show some significant signs…i think the half life of nolvadex is 5 to 7 days, so stick to this dosage for three days… and if the symptoms haven’t lessened any, keep at that dose until you see some reversal. if you start to get less pain & swelling, start to back down 10mgs every 3 days.
for clomid… it’s to help avoid a crash and help keep your gains by restarting your natural production of test. here’s a good general rule of thumb… if it’s a high androgenic cycle, take 50mg every other day and after last injection take 50mg a day for four weeks post cycle. if it’s not high in androgens, just 50mg every day 4 weeks post cycle.

hope that helps. good luck & take care bro.

Thanks for the help guys.