I was wondering how you guys use any drops sets in your cleans and snatched. You don’t hear much of this but I was thinking of throwing it in my program this month. I was just going to start with cleans say do 3 sets of triple drops sets of 5. So I would do a set take of 20lbs do a set take off 20 lbs and then do my third. Has any one tried this, I have seen people do clusters but never drop sets. thanks guys

i never tryed it or heard of anyone trying them, I guess as long as you are able to use perect form on all your reps it would be okay, but then again cleans and snatches are suppose to explosive and by the end of your drop set you probaly won’t be accelerating to quickly. well i admire the fact that you want to explore new things so if you do give these drop sets a go keep me posted on how it went, thanks and good luck

I agree. If you decide to do strip sets, or drop sets, then you’re looking for fatigue at the end of the set, and you might deteriorate your form too much. This might cause a possible imbalance in your muscles, because certain muscles are having to take up slack for the tired ones. If you want to try the drop set still, just give yourself a little rest, like about 10 sec. or so. I tried it with other exercises and found it’s not too long to rest and you get back just enough energy for a couple more reps. Good luck.

Thanks for the comments guys. The reason I wanted to try this is because of the succsess that I have had with high rep db snatches. I noticed that I am much more explosive maybe coach davies will have some thing to say about this…

First of all - I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I wouldn’t suggest drop sets in your cleans, instead I would look at assistance exercises. For instance if you are working on your Clean, then work on Clean from Hang (above or below knees), Hang Pull, Clean Pulls and naturally the Front Squat. Those are just a few but each has a very distinct in load and rep range to improve your Clean. In faith, Coach Davies

try using the same weight but after doing a triple clean, move into a triple high pull and then a triple power pull followed by a triple deadlift all with the same weight no rest. You use the same weight but the difficulty of the lift is dropped.

when i used to do cleans i did a workout where i would do 5 singles with a full clean and then 2 sets of 3 for three different progressions (below knee, above knee, mid-thigh). it seemed to work pretty good. i guess you could consider those as drop sets.