Class I and Class II Compounds

Okay, I know there was a post where someone gave their understanding the Classes of a few AAS and prohormones and prosteroids (i.e., Class I or Class II).

I know all testosterones (suspension and esters) are Class I.

Bill and/or Brock, PLEASE give us a list of the Class I and Class II AAS/prohormones/prosteroids as you know them.

That will be so we can know pretty much when we're needlessly duplicating in a stack. I know there are a few cases (per Bill Roberts) where it could be okay to stack two Class II's when one of them is Winstrol.

I don’t want you to “give the farm away”, but as it would be of great pratical value to have such a list and as an added bonus maybe even a few suggestions regarding effective combinations from the list you provide.

P.S. I turn people on to T-Mag all the time. People look and listen to me because I look like I walk the walk, and I tell them ALL to go to T-Mag before they listen to Anyone (including me!)

As I have gathered from this site:
some Class I are primo, testosterone, nandrolone, and trenbolone.
some Class II are winstrol, d-bol,and anadrol and 4-AD.