chest not building size...

I’ve been lifting for about a year now. I’m 6’3" 185 lbs. I seem to be stuck in a slum though. I don’t really care about strength but want size. All my muscle groups seem to be building like they should but my chest is fairly small. I’m wondering what I can do to increase size in my chest. Cause everything else seems to be building pretty big but my chest just doesn’t seem to get much bigger. So I’m wondering what I can do to fix this problem? Also I’ve been stuck at 185 lbs for quite a while and wondering what I need to do to get past that. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Thanks

i think i know what you are talking about. my chest was one of the last muscle groups out of the gate in terms of “noticable” size gains. i emphasize noticable because your pecs are a very large flat muscle group and it takes quite a bit (at least in my experience) to get them to thicken up across their entire surface. you might not even really notice it while they do this because the whole thing kind of “lifts” together and their are very few fixed points of reference. shirt tightness is always a good indicator, but not at first because your inner pecs thickening up a bit does very little to cause a tighter shirt. although it makes the sunken chest look go away. over time your outer pecs near the armpit will start to thicken up more and will help round them out and tighten things up a bit. it’s just going to take time and patience.

in general you need to eat more if you are only maintaining your current weight. size and strength are directly related to a certain degree. you can emphasize one over the other, but as a rule of thumb shoot for gains in both strength and size. this will yield quality mass and not just fake overblown muscles. kevo

How can you not care about strength?

If you’re overemphasizing your chest, you may be overtraining it. Also, if you’re stuck at a certain weight, you need to eat more calories in order to gain weight…and you’re not going to gain muscle without gaining weight (unless you simultaniously lose fat).
here’s a tip that worked for me to gain more strength and size in my chest. First, start eating more calories per day. Start doing bent-over rows (if you don’t already) and really emphasize trying to gain some strength in this exercise. For every set of pushing/pressing you do, do a set of rowing/pulling also (doesn’t have to be in the same workout…but just don’t shortchange your rowing workout). I also stopped doing chins for a few weeks and did only rowing exercises for back. I went heavy on all sets. I began to start putting more weight on the bar for the bench press almost every workout from doing this. Also, because I increased calories, I ended up gaining size and lbs after a few weeks of this. Give it a try.

Have you been switching up your program? Have you been doing anything to improve your max strength or have you just been focusing on the typical hypertrophy rep range? I think this is what you mean by not caring about strength. You have to care about strength. Otherwise, how are you going to get any bigger?

Actually, you don’t have inner and outer pecs. You have upper and lower pecs. Or so says the anatomy textbook in front of me… Do bench press and you will get a big chest. For variation add incline and decline presses. Use the bar. Lift heavy. Vary time under tension. Make sure you eat enough and get enough sleep. You WILL grow.

Have you tried any of the workout programs or diets in this magazine? I started reading a few months ago and I’ve been gaining more than ever. Check out the previous issues, namely Ian King’s routines. They’re killer. In the current issues, every week a new phase in introduced for The Growth Surge Project. Check it out. Good luck boss.

Good point Goldberg… Why be nig with out the strenght to go with it. In my experiance…they only try way to get big it to lift heavy, and with heavy weights comes strenght. Altough i suppose you can just lift for mass, but Why?

How the hell can you get bigger without getting stronger? Seriously, who has gotten bigger muscles without them also being stronger? It is clear that you can get ostensibly stronger without getting bigger (getting better at lifting) but how can you get bigger without getting stronger?

ryno - no shit dude. we all know that the pecs are upper and lower. we don’t need a lecture or lesson on kinesiology here. everybody’s pecs develop in different patterns as well there are many different shapes of pecs. my point was that depending on how your pecs are shaped and how they develop it may or may not be obvious to you that they are in fact getting larger. i used the terms “inner” and “outer” simply to denote possible locations of size gain. thanks for the lesson anyway. i am sure some newbie out there got some benefit from it. kevo

sorry ryno. my last reply was meant for arnn dogg. i got a bit out of sync. kevo

Dude I understand you point. But sometimes people cant gain on a “size program”. If i do higher reps to gain size even as low as 8 reps i get weaker and smaller. But when i say fuck it and try to get stronger the size starts coming on. I know a lot of people with appreciable amounts of muscle mass who arent really strong. The biggest guy ive ever seen in person could only bench 315 for one despite weighing 260 lbs. but the strongest guy ive ever seen in person was bad ass. Thick all over. In my opinion, strength should be what you strive for. The size will be there if you get strong.

The program that I’ve been using is this: 2 sets 10-15 reps for 2 weeks w/ 120 sec rest. then 3 sets w/ 10-15 reps for 2 weeks w/ 90 sec rest. then 4 sets of 4-8 reps for 1 week w/ 60 sec rest. then 5 sets of 4-8 reps for 2 weeks w/ sec rest. then back to 2 sets of 10-15 reps for a week. then 3 sets of 10-15 reps for a week. then 4 sets of 4-8 reps 1 week. then finally 5 sets of 4-8 reps for 2 weeks. So that’s what i’ve been doing. It’s all been eccentric lifting too. And I do like to have strength. I mean that definitely is good but i also want size cuz i’ve heard alot about guys being tougher than shit but aren’t that big in size. So i’m just saying i want to focus on size the most and then along with it strength is always a plus. I’ll try to increase my calorie intake to gain some more weight also.

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oh yeah, search subject “My chest won’t grow” and the author I think is MonkeyBoyEric. If I recall, there is good stuff in there.

Well, if you’re stuck in a slum, I think you should consider moving to a more upwardly-mobile area of town. Always works for me…

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