Charlie Francis Joins T-mag!

Just to let everyone know, Charlie Francis has agreed to write some articles for us. His first article will appear this Friday. Hope everyone checks it out.

Sweet!! That guy is freakin cool. Bring on the rocket scientist.

Chris–again, great job with Charlie and thanks. Any teasers on what his subject(s) will be?

I would especially like to hear his comments on periodization and when the body is ready to train again a paticular trait. This should be good.

In Charlie’s first article, he’ll be giving you the inside scoop on this year’s Olympic drug scandals. This is stuff you won’t read in any newspaper. Later, we’ll ask him to write some training articles for us. (Maybe he can do a Q and A column if you guys like his articles.)

Hot damn! I’ll be loving it when Charlie starts writing some training articles! Yahoo! Kick ass job Chris!

T-mag rules!!!

Hey - just in case Charlie asks, feel free to include articles about Sprinting!!! This man is THE guru and, as TC always says, sprinters and bodybuilders are two close knit groups.

I agree with Kris. I would love to see an article on sprinting. Whoever has done TC’s sprint workout knows what I am talking about.