Career Change

  I'm curious if any T-maggers out there are in volved in the fields of computer technology or message therapy/A.R.T.? I'm asking because I'm wanting to make a change in profession. I've worked in the bar/nightclub business for 13 years and I've had enough.
  I realize the two occupations I've mentioned are pretty far apart. However, both interest me. If anyone out there is employed in either line of work and can shed some light on their respective vocations, I'd be grateful.
  I guess I'm interested in things such as; personal satisfaction with work, marketability of degree and finacial rewards just to name a few. Any advice or source of information will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you in advance!

I’m going to school for athletic therapy. To get into athletic therapy/training, you must graduate from an acredited school, whcih means getting a degree in Kinesiology, exercise science, or something like from a school who also has an athletic therapy/training option within the program. I believe a number of other professions have this same sort of setup. However, i know, in canada at least, that massage therapy school stand alone from universities and colleges so there isn’t as much competition to get in.

Other than that I can;t tell you much more on specific professions

There’s enough computer nerds in the world already. I have a friend who is going to massage school in Newington, CT. It is a 16 month program. She is then going on to specialize in equine massage which is a booming field here on the east coast. Equine and people massages cost about the same…between $50 and $65 for the usual 50 minute hour. The down side is digital arthritis can put you out of business.

I am in the IT field, an MCSE. There is potential to make some good $ in this field, however, right now there is some saturation in the market, particularly at the entry-level. Being an MCSE used to be an honor. Simply having one would get you an amazing job. Now, MCSE’s are a dime a dozen.

Most companies want experience, so it’s difficult for someone entering into the field.

I’m not trying to deter you. I just wanted to let you know how I see it.