Cardio after Lifting

I have just started doing interval/cardio after my workouts. I know that it is better to break these up into two different sessions, but a student and full time work keeps me busy enough. Do I still take my post workout carbs and protein right after lifting before cardio, or do I wait unitl I am done with cardio to take my post workout shake? Thanks for the help.

Definitely after…Approach the scenario logically, you have a “90 minute window of opportunity” so an extra few minutes of stomping it out on the treadmill isn’t going to cause you to wither away into nothing (unless you really are going to do 90 minutes of cardio post-workout, in which case seek help!)Furthermore, cardio is a deplinishing movement, meaning your going to need some fast carbs post-cardio training in order to see improvements in that region anyway. And finally, can you imagine trying to sweat it out with all that freshly swallowed fluid nutrition sloshing around in your gut?