Can't Seem to Eat Enough!

[quote]Chris Colucci wrote:

[quote]Dave_70 wrote:
I’m trying to get 2700 calories a day but I’m struggling to get it down me![/quote]
Are you still Carb Backloading? That’s relevant, and could be the issue.

[quote]JFG wrote:
What exactly did you eat today. Not usually eat, exactly.[/quote]
^ This!

Dollars to donuts (pun intended) an honest and accurate answer will shine a ton of light on the situation.[/quote]

No not carb backloading, couldn’t get my head round how it would fit in with working shifts! Just been getting in my calories/macros and not worrying about the timing too much. Only thing I do is have a few more carbs before bed when going to the gym soon after waking up.

I stay away from junk (no donuts! lol) I track everything on MyFitnessPal so I know what’s going in and pretty strict with myself!