Can everyone see their abs?

I heard something on the news a couple of days ago that said some people can never get a six pack because of genetics. They said there was a study done, but they just glazed over it and never really said more than that about it. It kinda worries me because the main place I store fat is on my stomach. I am very lean and as I lose fat, it seems to come from everywhere else much faster than my stomach. Do you think there is any truth to this? Is it possible that I would have to get “too lean” to see my abs? I’m still gonna try, but I’d hate to think that a “flat” stomach is all I can accomplish (I’ve already got that).

dude, stop worrying about a damm six pack. ever see bill goldberg, he really doesn’t have a six pack either, but he has a nice flat stomach. and looks incredible. You should worry about being huge and powerfull, while keeping your waist down as much as possible. get huge and i guarantee u in will gather more attention than any six pack would.

When I was in college (and training 3-5 hours a day for triathlon) I had no trouble seeing my abs. After a loooong bulking phase, now I can only see the top two. I’ve been extending my cardio sessions, and trying to be more conscientious of my eating, so hopefully I can get to the full six again. My dad carried his weight on his stomach, so there may be some tendencies for me to carry it there too. Yes, there is a genetic component to where you gain fat first, and take it off last. My personal opinion for a lady is that the full sixer look (especially if it’s cut enough to lose a dime into) is too far. Flat is good, and if you can just make out the six when oiled, flexed, and under the right light (as 99.99% of mag photos are), then you’re doing utterly fantastic. A lot of women will have other problems trying to get there, such as a ceasing of the menstrual cycle, and it’s accompanying bone mineral loss.

I’m starting to get a nice 6 pack, & I think all I did was the usual stuff. I dieted, went on MD6 and worked my abs. I think all that genetics stuff is just a myth. Studies should be taken with a grain of salt, too, because if they say something should happen, & it doesn’t, then they’re worthless. I think you should just keep going with whatever you’re doing now.

I can get pretty near a six pack with out getting TOO lean, but if were to drop my bf low enough to where my whole abdominal region waas lean i would definatyly look sick…everyone boby id different. i have a buddy who has an amazing 6 pack at about 9% bf, where as i got to get to like 5%, which i never go too because it looks like i got aids.

I am not a dude, my name is ironBABE. Emphasis on BABE. I don’t wat to be huge or powerful, I just want a damn six pack. You have a problem with that?

I’ve been to really low BF levels, to the point where people thought I was dying (seriously!), without actually seeing my six-pack. Yes, I DID have well developed abs, so that wasn’t the reason. I did have a nice, trim, and good looking flat stomach. However, despite decent sized abs, they just wouldn’t show - even at such low BF levels.

I’m partial to the theory that some people store fat (however little) in certain regions. My gut is overly guilty of taking up the majority of my fat storage.

I can sympathise, ironbabe.

Ok, that was a bit harsh. I’m pissed off at someone right now. Still, I don’t wanna look like goldberg.

How huge do you like your women, Conan? And does Valeria know about this?

Hahahah… Ironbabe is a dude?! Seriously, everyone has abs. So, in order for them to be seen, you have to have low bodyfat. I know you’re working out hard and dieting, so you should see them. I don’t know how much fat you’re coming down from, but I’ve never heard of anyone not being able to see their abs after proper dieting and training.

Everyone can see their abs. The question is, will you have to lose muscle to do it? If you can increase the size of your abdominal muscles you can raise the body fat percentage at which they’ll become visible.

Ironbabe, don’t ask for opinions then blast people for giving them. That is messed up. Who cares if you were mistaken for a dude. Sometimes if they just read the writting and didn’t look at the name you do sound an awful lot like the rest of the guys. Sorry but true. The consensus around here is that a 6pack on a chick is not sexy. The only ones who think it is sexy here are people who are obsessed with their own appearances and have their own image problems to deal with.

These guys who have really low bodyfats but still don’t have great looking abs are usually like this because in their case the ab muscles won’t get very big and there isnt’ much separation between the abs and the other muscle groups such as the obliques

If you are an iron BABE, why can’t you see your abs? Fatty.

knuckledragger - you just recently blasted me for no purpose. If you don’t like me, fine. You don’t have to post or reply to me. For the record, if you will look one post below you will see that I already said it was a bit harsh.

Bullshit. A six pack is VERY sexy on a woman.

Pardon me while I go bury my head in a pillow and cry my poor little eyes out. I just got called fatty. Booo Hooo Hooo. (In my best southern bell accent)

Ironbabe, Again do not ask for an opinion then get pissy about the response. It is not personal nor did I personally blast you in this post. If you read what I wrote it is very objective. As for a previous post that was weeks ago get over it. As a side note I appoligized from that previous post a long time ago. So in conclusion do not ask if you do not want to know.

Hey mike are you seriously a libritarian? I am curious as several of my friends said I would really like what that party has to say. I have not taken any time to investigate what it is about is there a url that can give me the quick and dirty on it?

I never asked if six packs are sexy. I think they are, so I am trying to get one. I asked for a response on genetics keeping one from a six pack.