cable crossovers

Are cable crossovers useless?? i like the feel of the exercise, but do they actually DO anything?? also, ive seen a lot of guys doing crossovers with a low pulley, bringing the handles up and crossing them at neck height…these never made much sense to me…do these have any practical value?? thanks for the help

They’re not useless, but they shouldn’t be a staple of your routine either. Presses, (chest) dips, and flys are all better.

Cable crossovers both high and lo are good for shaping pecs AFTER hard presses and dips…you have to build the muscle before you can shape it…

I like using cable crossovers to pre-exhaust my pecs. Also, there has never been any research that even hints there are “shaping” exercises. The shape of a muscle is a genetic factor.

Not to be an ass or anything but there is no such thing as “shaping” a muscle. Cable crossovers are still a good finishing excercise though.

Another comment from the peanut gallery, I use them as a finisher, it seems to be one of the few exercises for me that FEELS like it really hits the lower pec (whether it does i don’t have a clue), but they seem to work pretty good as an exercise for hypertrophy, i doubt they are useful at all for strength training. Just an opinion.

Using the lower handles and bringing it to the neck hits the lower, outer portion of the peck. I too use it for a finisher, to get a great pump at the end of a work out. Like others said, don’t base your routine around cross overs, but I would include them at the end for a finisher or at the beginning as per fatigue.

Doing cable crossovers to the neck area hits the lower pecs, doing them down around the waist area hits the upper pecs-----BUT-never cross your hands,this is not correct form!! Sure they’re useful from time to time but,you don;t activate all the motor units you would if you did benches for example,thus you DO NOT get the bang for your buck.