BULKING big time!

Well well well, it is that time of year again, thats right! Winter! That means it is time to go on the most ridiculous bulking cycle ever attempted (by me). Here’s the plan: I have 2 bottles of androsol which I am using 70 sprays in the morning only until they are both gone. Next I have 4 bottles of the old methoxy-7 and am going to use 15ml 2x daily till they are gone during the androsol cycle. post androsol = tribex 500 8 caps /day and vitex throughout the ENTIRE endevour. also 4000 cals/day Any thoughts or some suggestions, how bout some other t-mens winter bulking regimines?

sounds good to me. i have been bulking now for 12 weeks using no sups except glutamine and protien. i have gained about 11 lbs eating 4000 cals a day massive style.

oh yeah, I am using Ian Kings great guns program with an additional concentration on lower body. finding it hard to stuff in an EFFECTIVE chest and back day with the bi/tri burnout affect that the guns workouts have tho.

Read the Massive Eating article - depending on the level of training that you are doing you may want to consider eating MORE than 4000cals/day. I know this sounds crazy but read the article and do the calculations. You may be surprised.

aren’t you like 17 years old? if i remeber right from old posts, you still live with your parents and they went off teh deep end about protein , right? why would you mess with hormones at this age. you could “bulk” by looking at food at that age. wait on the hormonals until you need them, or at least until your “cycle” won’t be interrupted by mom and dad.

Take Androsol , it’s the best stuff i never use! I’m 18years old too.


I’ll second that. Eat everything you can get your hands on, except if it’s extremely unhealthy. I find that Porridge and Weetabix (wheat cereal from uk) are brilliant for carbohydrates and protein, especially when you add the milk aswell. My Androsol has just arrived, but I’ve been struck down by the flu last weekend and my appetite isn’t up to it yet.