Bruce Nadler and Ab Etching

Has anyone else read the article by Nelson Montana concerning ab etching? Has anyone out there considered having it done? It seems almost too good to be true, removing all of the fat cells around the abdomen and sides, never to return. How does this affect the rest of the body? Finally, and this is the big one, how much does it cost? I thought that I read somewhere that it is around $2000. So, what does everyone think?

I read the article and am considering having it done next time I’m in NY. It is quite a bit more expensive then $2000 - you should contact his office regarding the exact prices. The person I spoke with was very friendly, and he’s very good at answering e-mail.

Is it possible that you can give me the name of this point of contact, as well as the phone number and/or email address. I tried mailing Dr. Nadler weeks ago but still have not heard anything. How much were you quoted? Is there a waiting list?

If I may push the name of a talented plastic
surgeon who does ab etching and who is a
bodybuilder (and a friend of mine)…

Rick Silverman, MD, who is out of UMASS/MEMORIAL in Worcester, MA does one heck of a job and he is a decent bodybuilder too, enough so that he can model for Sportspharma. Rick works with a lot of people in the fitness/bb;ing community and he gets "two thumbs up from me".

Cost is not $2,000!!!

Rick charges about $4,500 for complete ab

Nadler is a little more.

Both do comparable work (I have seen the
results from both).

If you want to use Dr. Rick, drop me an e-mail and I will send it on to him.


I believe her name was Gina, and the number was
(MODERATOR’S NOTE: We can’t post phone numbers.)
The cost was in the $6K range, although I would suspect
this is variable depending on how much you need done, etc.
It didn’t sound like thier was that much of a waiting list -
perhaps a few weeks. What they suggested to me was tell
them a few weeks before I’d be in NY, they’d schedule a
consultation one day and surgery the next (which I guess
was dependant on the consultation). Good luck

Brock, I would be happy to do a consult with your friend.
However, I am assuming that the email addy you are
referring to is the same one at the end of your Strasseroids
column, correct?

Sorry about the can’t posting phone numbers thing. It’s available on his web site. You can find the link in the original article in issue 65 I think.


Shoot me an e-mail:

And I will put you in touch with Dr. Rick!!!


I cant seem to pull up this article, and Im very interested in this procedure. Can you send me this article, and do you have any before and after photos?