Breaking plateaus without breaking my wall

Heya Manimals. I’m dying to instal a chin-up bar in my room, however my walls are plaster and I don’t know if they could sustain my weight on the bar (I’m about 170). Could anyone reccomend a product and/or scenarion in which I wouldn’t wind up on the floor covered in sweat and wall leavin’s? Thanks.

“Tap out…it’ll feel better”


I got a doorway chinup bar a few years ago and it works great. The brackets connect and then the bar just clicks in when you need it and off when you are done. I costs about $50. I think I got it at fitness factory outlet or something. Check in any newstand mag they usually have a couple pages of add space.

Actually, for $30 you can get a chin bar that attaches to your door frame. The cool thing is that there is no installation it just hooks on and pushes against the wall. Most fitness stores carry them.

For an even lower cost solution, you can get screw-in hooks (heavy duty kind, rated to support 400 lbs. each) and screw a pair in to your ceiling studs. Then attach a length of pipe or maybe a wooden closet hanging rod (cut it to about 30" so that it won’t bow to much) with some chain and some quick-clips.

The ceiling hooks are also useful for setting up a “love swing” from a novelty store…

try a self standing pull up bar. Its not only the best, it even has a dip station as well so i think its worth the money. It’s pretty lightweight as well, you can move it wherever u want and wont take up too much space. Don’t go through the hassle of all the other stuff, this works best.

If you have the space, the chin/dip station that jdrocks talked about is pretty cool. I have one of those chin up bars that can be taken in and out any time. I got mine at Champs Sports for $30. It works great and has a variety of chin/pull up grips to use. Definitely worth getting!

I have one of those doorway chin bars by Everlast (the boxing equipment people). You have to screw the attachment adaptors permanently into the door jamb, but the bar itself is telescoping and can be put away when not in use.