Hey guys,
I’m not much for breakfast, just not very hungry in the mornings. I usually sleep from about 4am until noon. I’ll have some tea while checking email for an hour or two then by 2pm or 3pm I’m at the gym. Before heading out I’ll have some psyllium fiber and a yogurt, usually thats about it. Sometimes I’ll have a banana or grapefruit. Should I also have an Advanced Protein MRP before working out? I’m afraid if I have an MRP, the fiber, a yogurt, and a piece of fruit I’d be too full and bloated while at the gym, what do you guys think?
I’m 29 years old 5’ 11" weigh 192 at 20% BF. My goal is to reduce BF to under 15% with no change in weight. Thanks in advance for your help.

Short answer: MisterE, you’re doing things wrong. Educate yourself.

Longer answer: Whether or not you "feel like" eating when you get up, you need to get some protein into your system. Having an all-carb morning is about the worst thing you can do for your physique. Not to mention that on your schedule you're going for almost 12 hours with virtually no protein whatsoever! (No, the 8 grams or whatever that you get from your occasional yogurt isn't enough.) Can you say, "catabolic"? Seriously, you need to take some time and read some of the T-Mag back issues to get a better idea of what to eat to get a more muscular physique. The good news is, once you change your diet around you should be able to make good progress from the 20% BF that you're at now. Good luck.

This must be a joke right,Brock stop writing these f*****g funny post .With all the info on this site i cant beleive people can still ask questions like this .Try typing Nutrition or JMBARADI(spelling)into the search engine for starters .Ill give u a clue as to wat illd do if i was u ,get a food log ,work out how many cals u eat now ,then over a period of a few months increase your cals by say a couple hundred every two weeks or so to avoid rebound weight gain ,untill u meat your maintainance cals ,read appetite for construction many many times for details on how to eat

MisterE: There is a strange paradox in this fitness game we all love, and it’s this: You have to eat to gain; but you ALSO have to eat to LOSE. If not, you run the risk of becoming “skinny-fat”, with a body VERY efficient at storing fat. You GOTTA eat bro.

You need to start with reading “Appetite For Construction 1&2 with Don’t Diet Protocols”; “The Missing Ingredient”; “Foods That Make You Look Good Nekkid”; “The Diet Manifesto” and just about all you can read on “Diet” from the Forum. (Burn that search engine up!)Good luck!

Thanks for the wake up call guys. I 've soaked up a lot of info from back issues in the last couple days. Read both Appetite for Construction articles, Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid, Preparing for the Ultimate Workout and others. I now have a new shopping list for the grocery store and, thanks to several helpful responses on another post in this forum, a plan to start logging everything I eat. I guess the reason I didn’t get serious about this sooner is that I haven’t been completely unhappy with my progress to date. That is, I’ve come a long way from where I started early this year with zero LBM and flabby. I think I’ve reached a point now where there’s a good base of fitness to build on and it’s important to diet and train better to keep progressing. I don’t want to be like a lot of the more experienced (fitter / bigger) guys that I hear saying they could have reached their goals in 1/2 the time if they had the knowlege they do now. Thanks again all, this forum and the info T-Mag puts out kicks ass!

The other guys are right, but let’s address your current problem. Not hungry in the morning and not wanting to be full at the gym. Let’s take care of that problem first and then go from there. Go to supplementdirect online and order their basic whey protein. It is unflavored and very, very light. Not to mention a bargain at 55 cents for 46 grams of protein. Ok, now first thing in the morning take your yogurt, place it in a bowl and mix in 2/3 of a cup of this protein. It will take a while to get it all mixed, but it will still be a creamy texture as before. Whey protein has a strange character to it and it doesn’t need much moisture. Ok, now after you have it good and mixed, add in your fiber and mix as well. Grab a spoon and wolf it down right at the sink. Drink a small glass of water after. Now get that tea and just enjoy it. After an hour, drink a full glass of water. Now get to the gym and don’t forget your jug of water. Take a sip of water after each set, while taking your rest period. Immediately after your workout have 37-50 grams of protein and 75-100 grams of carbs, no fat. I take two containers of water to the gym. One is for the workout and one is kept in my locker with my dry protein powder in a seperate shaker bottle. I use Mass Fuel, 50P 100C 0F. I get this from dpsnutrition. Do this and let us know where you are at in a few weeks. Good luck.

Since you’re new to the forum, I just want to clue you in: Bodz is THE MAN. Not too many people get such detailed advice from him, but he’s an extremely knowledgeable personal trainer, and what he says is on target. Don’t a pearls-before-swine type. Take the good advice and run with it!