Bovine Colostrum; Q for Bill Roberts & JMB

Does anyone have a good idea of what the optimum daily dosage is for colostrum, and timing of intake? I have heard ranges from five up to twenty grams per day. Also, is it dependant upon the athletes bodyweight? I wonder, because I am asking on behalf of a bodybuilder who competes at about 280 pounds. Please chime in with your recommendations or personal experiences fellow T men and T vixens. Peace.

It’s funny how the marketing differs from the research. Colostrum does increase performance in many types of athletes vs whey protein. I have at least 6 studies on my desk showing this. However this only occurs at 60g per day. That’s a damn expensive supplement bill! I have not seen data on lower doses so for now all I can say is that 60g is the recommended dose. Marketers may tell you that if 60 works than 20 might be good too but I havent seen anything in support of this. However some of the natural peptides in colostrum are very interesting for health purposes so I cant wait till there is more research done on this supplement.

Thanks for your reply John! Wow! The research shows 60g is the effective dose per day? That is A LOT compared to what the bottles say, real expensive too!!! Nonetheless, I would appreciate it if you could let me know what the recommended way to take it is as regarding timing and taking it on an empty stomach? I read to take it twice daily on an empty stomach, one of those doses first thing in the morning. Is this in line with the research at all?

Yea, sometimes marketers deceive and ever more often confuse people for no reason. Colostrum is “protein” so why would you need to use any special meal timing scheme? Just down the stuff if youre gonna take it.

John, are those studies you mentioned available online at all? I would love to see them. My friend finds it hard to believe that 60g per day is the kind of dosage he should be aiming for; that would mean like 100 caps per day!! Also, are you expected to take this dosage continually or must a product like this be cycled due to the potential influence it could have on IGF-1 levels, and therefore maybe cause some nagative feedback? I wonder about the cycling of it as high amounts of colostrum are only present early on in breast feeding, not indefinitely, surely? I really appreciate your help regarding this!