Booming Biceps routine

After a bit of correspondance with Don Alessi here is a routine based on his Booming Biceps articles. Mon, Hollywood microcycle (I don’t normally train calves so changed them to King deads x 3 sets), Tues. Seated row to neck program and biceps routine as per article II, Wed off, Th Squatts and lunges 20-24 sets total, (the original article was based on deads being done every 5 days, squatts are preferred if over 3 yrs experience and good knees, if not then sub for D/B squatts, or split squatts, then lunges) Fri. Muscle snatch program, then arms, bi and tri routine of choice 20-24 sets workout total. Sat off, Sun start again and do for 4 weeks. NOTES, I have no glute problems (as per article 1) just weak as … and have stick arms. Abs every workout 6-8 sets total 3-4 diff exercises, no two ab w/outs the same.