Books for Baby Boy

We read a lot to my 1-year-old boy, and I’m looking to stock up on books with valuable messages…especially as society increasingly tells men they’re the problem with everything and should be docile. I want to raise a man who is good and strong.

Recommendations appreciated!

The Art of War. Never too young to start.


I admit I was underwhelmed when reading this book… I thought there was going to be WAY more violence. Still, good philosophy throughout.

@bkb333 Your son is still very young to be learning lessons from books… My daughter is 5 and I’ll read her a book with valuable lessons in hopes for them to stick.
SPOILER ALERT: When I ask her what the book was about, the answer 95% of the time is “I dunno”.

Give it time, your son won’t turn into a limp-wristed soyboy because you read him a book that told him all white boys are white supremacist oppressors.

While he gets older, he will learn more from watching YOU than he ever will by reading books.
Be the man you want your son to be.
For fathers of little girls: Be the example you’d want your daughter to marry.


:joy: lmao


For sure man, I don’t expect him to really understand it (unlike my example, which I know he’s watching), but figure it can’t hurt to start early :relaxed:

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I have a 4 yr old son … kid loves the how do dinosaurs… Series … also loves the Greek mythology book I read to him every once in a while … also loves where the wild things are

But like was previously said he does but pick up on deep philosophical themes even from Aesop… kid just loves dinosaurs and monsters…

In the flip side he likes to do science experiments with me and wants me to take him fishing

“Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel” and “Snug House Bug House” were two of my son’s nightly demands.

My son is almost a year and a half. Right now we just read the typical (classic?) kids books. Good Night Moon, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, etc. I haven’t come across very many kids book encouraging boys to be…unmanly. I also like reading stories from different cultures - Native folklore, Greek and Norse mythology, stuff like that. I think as long as you’re demonstrating how you want your son to act, he’ll likely not be influenced much by whatever books he’s read as a child.


Dude, thank you so much for reminding me of Mike Mulligan while mine are young enough to enjoy it.


Jump Frog Jump Only book my dude liked when he was little.

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Read Krampus legends to your children so they are too frightened to misbehave.

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Little Blue Truck.

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I really liked Ping the Little Yellow Duck growing up. It is something different I guess.

In a few years, I think the great illustrated classics are pretty good for a kids attention span, and have a picture for every page of text.

Anything by Mo Willems is great (Famous for the “Don’t let the Pigeon…” series")
My daughters have always enjoyed curious george too, but he doesn’t set a great behavior example.

Book of Five Rings is much better IMO.

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A list of books for baby boy, including Goodnight Moon, Hop on Pop, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, The Giving Tree, and more.

myth legends or parables of whatever your region is, or where you are from. props to you for reading to your kid it helps so much. i greatly appreciate that my parents did that for me so i didn’t have to learn how to read in school.


Tuttle Twin books are good for older kids (5yr +). Just bought the whole collection with school funds (we homeschool because California…) and there’s PDF workbooks that come with it.

If anyone’s interested in books with “traditional values” (see non-liberal), there’s a good discount too (SMS40).

I’m not paid for it or anything, just interested in avoiding content I don’t agree with and I imagine I’m not alone.

P.S they also have some teen books.

I’m not gonna lie dude, I have never seen a more politically charged advertisement for children’s books than that website. I don’t think I can find a more ironic heading than theirs, either: “ARE YOUR KIDS BEING BRAINWASHED?” followed immediately by using his kids to read his book pitch.

Making a series of books based off of fighting against woke propaganda, and having stuff like this is just silly:

Sorry, but that’s a very hard disagree from me. Despite having been left-leaning my whole life, my kids live and go to school in a VERY red area (high school named after confederate leaders), and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but I’d balk at showing them propaganda like this.

Of course - your kids, your choice, I respect that - but in my opinion, there are few statements as paradoxical as “these are the ONLY books you need to raise free thinkers!” Of course, the books themselves may not be so extreme, and I’d have to read one to know, but the marketing here is pretty wild.

I just read stories. I’m halfway through The Hobbit with my 7 year old - I prefer story time and reading to be a different kind of mental stimulation than school. I don’t homeschool, though - maybe I’d think differently if I did.

My dad told little bro and me simplifications of WWII history as bedtime stories. I loved those.

I think little boys especially would be interested in war history. Fun to nerd out on tanks, planes, guns etc

I’d avoid anything didactic

No issues if you disagree. I don’t stand by ridiculous claims of any company, but I’m also not reading their advertising to my daughter either… I’ll be reading their books.

Educators have pretty much always been left-leaning, even in red areas. Some teachers are great at discussing stuff like politics, others just want to teach your kids what to think.

Their book series isn’t actually about fighting woke propaganda, it’s about teaching subject matter without woke propaganda… tough stuff to come by in California.

I’ll say that their politically charged advertising is kind of warranted, but I completely agree that it is paradoxical and over the top. Where I say it’s ‘kind of’ warranted is because the vast majority of music, movies, TV, and social media are dominated by left leaning (and im being generous by saying ‘left leaning’) corporations/people/ideology, and there’s very little presence of ideas that actually match my values. I’m not a hardcore trumper or anything, I just believe it’s okay to not push white guilt or anything like it into her. I’m also okay with financially backing companies that believe in what I do too.

It’s cool for Disney to actively try to turn as many kids LGBT as possible, but it’s insane for me to not want that for my daughter, apparently. (I truly don’t care if she isn’t straight when she grows up, I just want that to be her decision, and hers alone).

Sorry for the derail, was just sharing a company whom I support - on a thread that asked for:

Didn’t think that’d be an issue.