Blood tests, Insurance companies and The Law

Hi guys, this is just a rant. I went to the doc and did what Cy recommended for getting legal testosterone and supplement drugs. Well, this is what it will cost you. I spend $170 a month on insurance coverage. I had my co-pay of $40 at the doc. I had blood tests run and it would have cost $475. But since I have insurance coverage, it cost me $95. (I just don’t get this idea of billing. If I have insurance, they don’t allow them to charge you “over-inflated prices”, but if you are too poor to afford insurance, then they can bend you over, fuck you and not even have the courtesy of a reach around. I just don’t get this medical scam) Anyway, If you just wanted a free test check, it is still $125, plus $16.50 for the blood draw. Ok, we are at $2175 per year and I still haven’t even factored in the drugs yet. I have a friend who get his weekly 300mg shot for $16 including the doc visit, he of course has insurance. If the laws were different and we could buy testosterone legally, the prices would be lower. You’d have drug stores popping up all over like liquor stores. They’d all be competing for your business. Its no wonder people go “shopping” in mexico for their medications. A 250mg shot of sustenon is $10. That is $120 a year. Go figure.

Should have said $520 per year. Still cheaper than the legit way.

Oh, and another thing. I was having sushi last night and my chef and I were discussing helmet laws. I wear one and wouldn’t ride without full face coverage (my choice), He wears a beanie type (his choice) but we both feel it should be your decision to wear one or not. I feel the same way about seat belts and steroids. Hey, the stupid laws allows an 18 year old to buy something that is shown to kill (cigarettes). A 21 year old is allowed to buy something that can impair your ability to safely operate a vehicle (alcohol). The worst thing is that these items aren’t even controlled on quantity. If someone wants to smoke four packs a day or drink a case of beer a night, the law says “go ahead”. But, with steroids, its sorry, even though they are safer and healthier than the previous mentioned items. I give up.

Hey man, you are so right. I am from Greece. Here, you can get ANY AAS without prescription. Even black market in the USA and UK is so expensive compared to good ol’Greece. One Test.Enanthate 250 mg is $2.50. So is primo. Deca goes at $10 per 3x200mg. Andriol caps $13 per 60. nolvadex at $10 per 30. Proviron at $1 per 25. Clomid $1.30 per 24. HCG at $5 per 15000 IU (yes, 3x5000 IU). And I mean real, refrigerated HCG, and refrigerated Andriol. It’s heaven here, man. And going through docs is just a waste of time, except that you can get 1/2 price for all the above then, even perhaps free. Not kidding you man. Ask anyone. Bill Roberts knows all that, too, probably. They somehow plan or would like to control that better, but having one pharmacy per 50-100 families is like 20.000 pharmacies in Athens only. They influence the Govs to keep the thing going like that…

Spiros, can I bunk with you for a year or two?

Greece certainly sounds interesting, but here in the states, the messed up medical billing aside, I agree with the many ‘experts’ steriods and less radical advocates out there that they should be available w/ prescription to people over a specific age. There are already too many highschoolers i know that juice and if steriods were available like candy i am sure that there were be even more.

Yo, Bodz, good to hear from you again. I thought maybe you’d given up on the Forum. Nice to know there’s another “old guy” around! :slight_smile: About your Med rant, yeah, I hear you. Bascially, if a company or an agency has you over a barrel, 99 times out of 100 they’re going to fuck you just because they can. Makes me sick. Also makes a company like Biotest stand out like Monica Brandt at a Weight Watchers meeting. No wonder these guys have been so successful.

Chris, glad you remembered me. Yeah, I did give up on the forum for a while. I was just too busy and it was eating up my free time. You’ll see more of me here. Us “Old Farts” have to stick together…LOL. Liked your Monica Brant analogy.