Biotest's Customer Service

I bought 3 bottles of Androsol several months ago. I used two bottles right away and the third was left in the box it was shipped in. Well the other day I went to get that last bottle, so that I could start another Androsol “cycle,” I noticed that the bottle had fallen over and there was a white solid around the plastic seal that keeps the cap on. I can only assume that this white solid is the androstendiol. Well, now to the point of this post. I called Biotest and the representative that called me back said that they would be sending me a new bottle right away and asked that I send back the other bottle. I don’t know of many companies that trust their customers enough to send out a replacement for what ever, before seeing the original product. I think that Biotest is doing a great job in its Customer Service department as well as its Research and Development department. P.S. To avoid this situation don’t let your Androsol or Nandrosol bottles fall over.