Bill Roberts T3 Recomendations

Bill, I have seen your recomendations of 12.5 mcg of cytomel a day. How long could this dosage be used? How much supression does this really cause and how much benefit does it really produce. Lastly, does a pyramid need to be done or is supression so slight that it is not needed. One more thing would this dosage work better for cutting or for a steroid intduced bulking cycle. Thanks!!!

While I wish I had measured data on amount of suppression at that dose, I don’t. However, based on how the body works, supplying an amount equivalent to 1/2 what the body normally produces simply cannot produce a high degree of inhibition. I would guess 25% but certainly considerably less than 50%. In any case no fat rebound effect is seen when you stop, so there seems to be no issue at all. (This is in contrast to high dose use.)

Yet fat loss is very significantly increased.

As to whether it works “better” cutting or bulking, I guess
it depends on priorities… to me it’s better when cutting
because it can allow you to achieve things you otherwise
could not, or achieve them much faster, while in bulking
with steroids, you can approximately achieve the same thing
as fast without it. If GH is being used then the thryoid
supplementation can be more important when bulking.

I’m guessing that 12.5mcg is not really enough to give
you more than a little booster (sorry Bill) and I don’t
think it will increase body temp (read as “metabolic rate”)
a whole heck of a lot more than MD-6 will and in fact,
probably a whole lot less. The folks I have worked
with use much more…and from what I have seen, especially
in men under age 30, you can go 25mcg-50mcg per day
for 3-4 weeks and come off without any real clinical
manifestations of TSH depression. I don’t have labs to
confirm this but the post T-3 weight gain has been
minimal or none (and yeah, diet has a lot to do with this).

I suspect that our T-2 will be even better because it is
about 20% less suppressive than T-3 and perhaps 300%
less suppressive than tiratricol (a guess for sure).