Big Time Shoulder Problem!!

Ok, I have a real good one for you guys, and if anyone can answer it, its beer and cheap women for everyone! I am a relatively strong bench presser (>400 lbs) with good form and a descent amount of mass for a natural guy. This summer, I played in a full contact football game and dislocated my shoulder. After the injury, if I moved the shoulder the wrong way, it would dislocate, almost like clockwork. I went to the Sports Medicine guy, got the MRI and all that, and it should a “possiblr labial tear and possible biceps tendon tear.” The doc seemed to thing I could totally correct the problem with PT by working my external rotators exclusively. Well, I incorporated this in my routine and things got better, but not great. Then today, I was on the incline Dumbell press when I heard my shoulder crunch and totally give out. Now, as you can guess, I am in pain and really ticked that I’ve been set back again. My question is, does anyone know of non- surgical techniques I could employ to rehab this thing. If not, have any of you guys been in a similar situation, and what did you do? Thanks guys.

If you had a dislocation, you most likely have instability in the gh joint. It would be good to have the doctor order a contrast mri. They show rotator cuff tears and labral tears(the cup area of the glenoid labrum of the scapula) better. I’m credentialed in ART, which I would recommend you trying, but this shoulder needs a very thorough evaluation. If you have gh joint instability, you need a specific rehab protocol. This will keep you off the heavy press(bench, incline,bp etc.) Until it is stabilized. I wouldn’t recommend any workouts on the shoulder until all the evaluation is done.

In all honesty it doesn’t sound good. For your info, the ART referral # is 719-473-7000.

ART. Got to to find someone near you.

You’re a strong guy, and unfortunately, strong guys have a lot of problems dealing with injuries like dislocated shoulders. The problem is that your shoulder joint must be healed to the point where it will once again be able to successfully manage very heavy loading, like 400lbs, as opposed to the weak little guy who’s shoulder only needs to be able to handle 150lbs. There’s a big difference there. My initial advice to you would have been to keep your loading VERY low when you resumed training, doing sets of 20-30 reps, but seeing as how it’s a little late for that, you need qualified medical treatment. There’s nothing more I can really tell you other than, go see a doctor ASAP…

I have an obvious answer: ART Leahy is the best for shoulders, but poliquin only recommends 6 guys in the USA to correctly perform ART. How is your structural balance?
What is the ratio between your external rotators and Bench press. IT should be 9% wich would mean at 400 bench press you should use good form and use 40lbs. You are probably like most guys and can barely use 20lbs. If that is the case I would stop benching and exclusively train your rotators and back. Which leads me to my third bit of advice what is the ratio between your weighted chin up and bench press. Like most guys your back is probably weak which can cause problems in the shoulder region. Do a specialization program of rotators and Back and PNF stretching for the shoulders. MOSt physical theratpists are retarded when it comes to rotator rehab they prescribe such high reps 15 to 20 when it is a fast twitch muscle fiber. Use 6to 8 reps with perfect form. You can still do chest but only the exercises which cause no pain at all. until you strengthen your internal external rotator ratio’s.