Bible verses for us T-men

It also states in Luke 6:37, never critisize or condemn or it will all come back to you. We are to hate the sin but love the sinner. 6:41, why quibble about the speck in your brothers eye when you have a board in your own.Things are immoral but we are to be like our father in heaven, which maens we are to love others with his kind of love. No matter what the sins are. Mark 7:20 It is the thought life that pollutes, for from within the hearts come evil thoughts, lust lewdness, etc… We were given these things for use that comes from the land, it states the land is the lords and the fullness of. If a so-called chritian (that is a rough title to uphold, read the bible and you will eventually understand), wants to know if 'roid use is condemned by God then let them enter into prayer asking for an answer(it may take time for an answer), If God puts the matter at ease in the heart then so be it. If not then it is wrong. Hence"it is betwwen God and you". As for asking a preist well they follwo traditions that man made and not God, again read the bible you’ll find the answer to this one too.I love this kind of debate it is refreshing and interesting.
May God bless you all with lifting more and growing bigger.B