Bible verses for us T-men

I’m a religiuous person, raised with traditional Native American values (I’m half Ojibway), and also with much Christianity around me. While the Bible may not expressly address steroids, there’s enough common sense to recognize applicable messages, too. For example, the Bible warns us against vanity. What is the reason people take roids? Is it for health? Probably not, since taking roids requires intricate countermeasures to PROTECT health from otherwise harmful effects. The purpose, if we’re honest, is to overwhelm nature in the search for external sources of pride, self-promotion, and physiological excess (go ahead, flame away, but I’m confident that this is largely the case). It’s not wrong to seek peak fitness, but to override nature for the sake of self-aggrandizement IS something covered explicitly in the Bible. Attention-seeking is the opositte of meekness and humility, and does not honor our bodies. Then again, my traditionalism would advise me the same way about the use of gaudy gold wealth to decorate temples and churches, too–it’s a violation of spirit for the sake of aggrandizement.

I do appreciate this discussion on T-mag. Despite the occasional crudeness, the T-mag group might be interested to know that many of their readers also carry a spiritual/religious life as well.