Best workout while on Test?

I have a question for the seasoned pro’s…I’m 56…been working out for years…i’ll switch from full body to upper lower…I recently started test-cyp…my plan is 250mg weekly…i know it’s a low end dose but i’m wondering what the most effective workout will be while taking the test…should I continue with full body (5X5 workouts, compound exercises with increasing weight each set) or should I focus more on a split routine while taking the test? I also do sprint training on my active rest days…

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Do Jon Andersen’s Deep Water program. Or Super Squats.


Not even science can predict what split will work best for you, you’re gonna need to try them both out!

So get organized and plan an 8-12 week “block” of full body workouts and an 8-12 week “block” of split workouts. Take some measurements before you start, then run that shit and see which works best for you.

Conveniently, Super Squats is a full body program and Deep Water is more of a split routine. Personally, I think i would wait for the test to kick in before I messed with those.


do you have baseline labs?
what level does that dose leave you at?

can’t say without knowing why you train. what is your goal?

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My goal is to add some size but also cut some fat. I’m 5’9" 172lbs. I’m fit. But would like to add some more lean muscle and cut some abdominal fat. The full body workouts I currently do feel great but i want to make sure I’m maximizing my workouts while on this cycle…

which is more important to you right now?

I ask because trying to do both is a recipe for not getting a good result.

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