Best Probiotic For Constipation?

Any ideas for best Probiotic for constipation?

Maybe Align, Schiff digestive advantage, florastor??

Sauerkraut the refrigerated kind. Complete package. Fiber and probiotics all in one. Yes it is disgusting but it works.

That and mustard i can not eat.

I don’t have much experience with constipation but have taken several kinds of the pills to try to “settle” my stomach down. Never could tell any difference. Hope somebody can point you in the right direction.

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Can not or don’t want to? It becomes more appetising with apple cider vinegar and ground pepper.

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Bought boars head sauerkraut and enjoyed it. Ate with whole grain white bread slices.

All these years the smell turned me off but when I ate it reminded me of cabbage I eat with corn beef. Which I like.

So I got to down this everyday? I guess a few days a week would do.
Still would like a recommended probiotics that members recommend.

Thanks guys for opening me up to this!

I throw a couple of tbsp. on ham sandwiches or ham&cheese roll ups.

Quick easy snack that is really quite good.

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See… it wasn’t that bad! I like it warmed just a lil with shaved pastrami, swiss, on an english muffin.

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Heating it is kills the bacteria.

Mostly just take the chill off of it. Not hot.

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No, you don’t have to do anything but see if you can’t get it in there a few times a week.

Make sure that the sauerkraut you buy is refrigerated (or make your own)

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Alright, not sure how sensitive it is.

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I have terrible digestion but not sure if you can get it in the states but a supplement called “Slippery Elm Bark” has helped me to cram in 5.75k Cals daily, I also eat about 10g Fibre per 100 Calories, I do this by having 3 bowls of Bran Flakes a day each with 125g in, I shit a lot more now haha.

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Also if you’re in the UK and have a decent amount of money 4 weeks of this probiotic called “Symprove” helped my digestion its expensive though, hence why I only did it for 4 weeks but I felt better for a couple months after it’s a liquid probiotic smells like shit and tastes like it (don’t ask me how I know that) if you put it in some juice though it tastes fine.

Not that I’m against probiotics but what about plain old fiber? I bet if you raw apples/carrots/celery/ a day, you’d be fine

Veggies give me gas. I do though still get some in my diet.

All BBers and pretty much anybody who consumes the amount of protein we do has gas. How about Beano to help with that?

This is a MAJOR bump, but I came across this cool Probiotic Chart for anyone who might be interested or who’s looking for the best probiotic for their needs. Enjoy!

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Wish there one on this chart for itchy dogs… lol


Pureed pumpkin, for itchy dogs…

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